A Celebration of Irish Literature

Irish Literature
by Taylor Follett

To many people, March 17th means a day where they get to wear green and drink Guinness. To us at the library, however, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Irish literature.

When you hear Irish literature, you’re probably thinking of books such as these:


New Books in Literature

With every new month comes new books being published—and added to our library collection! This month’s haul includes criticism, poetry, prose, and much more:

See the full list of new acquisitions here, and keep an eye on the English Library Guide for more featured new books.

Want to see a book that we don’t have? Request it here!

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Sign up for the Edible Books Festival!

Edible Books Festival

Sign up now to participate in the Library’s Edible Book Festival! (After signing up, you’ll have until April 6th to come up with your entry idea.) 

Ever wondered what a great literary pun you could make with Catcher in the Rye if you just had some rye bread? Or how cute Velveteen Rabbit themed cupcakes could be? This might just be your chance to explore the more culinary side of your literary interests.

Submission to last year's edible books festival
UC Berkeley’s first Edible Book Festival is held in Moffitt Library on April 10, 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Library)

The UC Berkeley Library is hosting an Edible Books Festival on Monday, April 9th. What is an Edible Books Festival, you ask? Just what it sounds like! Edible books might physically resemble books, or they might refer to an aspect of a story, or they might incorporate text. Judges select winners for an array of light-hearted prize categories, such as “Best Literary Pun” or “Most Delicious Looking.” The Festivals are a great way to celebrate both book-making culture and the culinary arts. Edible Book Festivals began with the Books2Eat website in 2000 and is now celebrated internationally during the month of April.

Participants view the work on display in last year's Festival.
Participants view the work on display in last year’s Festival. (Photo courtesy of the Library.)

Learn more on the Edible Book Festival website and get inspired by last year’s projectsSign up now to participate — you don’t have to have your project details figured out yet: you just need enthusiasm.

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NEW DMPTool Launched!

A shiny new version of the DMPTool was launched at the end of February. The big change, beyond the new color scheme and layout, is that it is now a single source platform for all DMPs. It now incorporates the codebase from other instances of  the program from all over the world, including: DMPTuuli (Finland), DMP Melbourne (Australia), DMP Assistant (Canada), DMPOnline (Europe), and many more! The move was made to combine all platforms into one in order to focus on best practices at an international level. Please learn more about the new instance by visiting the DMPTool Blog.

DMPTool Logo

Give to the Art History/Classics Library During the Cal Big Give Fundraising Event, March 8th!

big give


Help support the collections in the Art History/Classics Library on March 8th during Cal’s Big Give Fundraising event!

Support the Art History/Classics Library by making your donation directly through the Big Give website at this link.


The Big Give is an online fundraising event that began in 2014, giving you and the entire Cal community — alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends — the chance to come together to support your favorite schools and programs.

For more information about the Big Give, see the event website.

An International Women’s Day Reading List

Your International Women's Day Reading List

March 8th is International Women’s Day, the perfect time to start reading works written by and about women. Spend some time this March browsing the stacks for these inspiring, intelligent, and wonderful works.

If you don’t know where to begin, try starting with some of the staples of feminist literature:

Is anything better than fiction? Yes—like fiction written by and about women:

If you’re feeling poetic, try these collections:

Many female writers produce their best work through essays and non-fiction works:

Still want to read more? Try browsing through the “women” category on OskiCat or checking out the Gender & Women’s Studies library guide. 

If it seems like we missed one of your favorite books that should be honored for International Women’s Day, tweet us and let us know! Want a book that isn’t in the library? Recommend that we purchase it here.

Happy reading!

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ARLIS/NA Honors Kathryn Wayne with 2017 Distinguished Service Award

Kathryn Wayne

NEW YORK, NY (March 1, 2018)—The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is pleased to announce Kathryn Wayne as the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Service Award. She is the 27th person to receive the Society’s highest honor. The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual whose exemplary service in art librarianship, visual resources curatorship, or a related field has made an outstanding national or international contribution to art information. Kathryn’s deep and far-reaching contributions to the Society and to the field of art librarianship perfectly embody the accomplishments most valued by the Society.

The award was presented to Kathryn by her nominator, Gregory P. J. Most, at ARLIS/NA’s 46th annual conference convocation ceremony, held in New York City on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Gregory is Chief of the Image Collections at the National Gallery of Art.

Kathryn recently retired as head of the Art History/Classics Library at the University of California, Berkeley. She came to UC Berkeley in 1990 as Architecture and Landscape Architecture Librarian at Berkeley’s Environmental Design Library following many years as Architecture Librarian at the University of Arizona.

Throughout her career Kathryn has taken on leadership positions within the Society. In her role as 27th President of ARLIS/NA, she oversaw the transition to a new management firm, while also pursuing a very public role in advocacy. She initiated letters to Congress backing policies that affected copyright and database legislation; wrote to the Getty Information Institute concerning the importance of continuing the Getty Vocabulary Program; addressed then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani concerning ARLIS/NA’s stand on the controversial Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibition, Sensation, and corresponded with the President of the National Architectural Accrediting Board concerning recommendations for changing its standards for architecture libraries, many of which were adopted. In addition to serving as president of the national organization, she also served as Western Regional Representative and Chapter Chair for both the Arizona and Northern California Chapters.

Kathryn co-chaired the national conference in 1993, and this work served to inform one of Kathryn’s enduring legacies to the Society. Her fundraising for the 2013 Pasadena and 2014 Washington D.C. conferences yielded record amounts. She has a special ability to persuade individuals, companies, and organizations to generously support the mission of the Society. Her triumphs as a fundraiser made these conferences financially successful beyond all expectations.

Two of her notable publications are the seminal reference book Architecture Sourcebook: A Guide to Resources on the Practice of Architecture published by Omnigraphics in 1997, and her contribution to the 33-volume Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences published by CRC Press in 2010, for which she wrote the chapter on Art Librarianship.

Despite these impressive professional accomplishments, Kathryn never lost sight of the fundamental role of librarianship at her home institutions. Her dedication to students endured throughout her career. She established an information literacy program at the University of California, Berkeley School of Environmental Design and shared her experience through a subsequent professional presentation on the program. She mentored San Jose State library school students and University of California undergraduate students. One former student wrote, “Kathryn has not only enriched the profession, she has shaped my life.”

For her contributions to the field at large and to ARLIS/NA in particular, Kathryn Wayne has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Service Award.

The members of the 2017 ARLIS/NA Distinguished Service Award Sub-Committee were: Rachel Resnik (chair), Maureen Burns, Heather Koopmans, Maria Oldal, and Liv Valmestad.

About the Art Libraries Society of North America
Founded in 1972, the Art Libraries Society of North America is a dynamic, international organization of more than 1,000 individuals devoted to fostering excellence in art and design librarianship and image management in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The membership includes architecture and art librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, students, and others interested in visual arts information. To serve this diverse constituency, the Society provides a wide range of programs and services within an organizational structure that encourages participation at all levels.

March’s New Books in Art History

You can find these and other new art history acquisitions on the New Books shelf in the Art History / Classics Library.


Topor : dessinateur de presse
Topor : dessinateur de presse


Abstract painting now!
Abstract painting now!


Obra plàstica / Mercè Rodoreda.
Obra plàstica / Mercè Rodoreda.


Gerda Schütte : Fotografie
Gerda Schütte : Fotografie


Rodney Graham : Lightboxes
Rodney Graham : Lightboxes


New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In March

Complete film criticism : reviews, essays, and manuscripts

Complete Film Criticism: Reviews, Essays, And Manuscripts by James Agee edited by Charles Maland

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 1, 1000-1350, conquest and transformation

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 1: 1000-1350: Conquest And Transformation by Laura Ashe

Half-Light : Collected Poems 1965-2016

Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 by Frank Bidart

Image result for Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience

Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience edited by Nora Brooks Blakely and Cynthia A. Walls with illustrations by Jon Spivey Gilchrist

The pianoplayers

The Irwell Edition Of The Works Of Anthony Burgess: The Pianoplayers edited with an introduction by Will Carr

A history of European literature : the West and the world from antiquity to the present

A History Of European Literature: The West And The World From Antiquity To The Present by Walter Cohen

C. Day-Lewis - The golden bridle : selected prose

The Golden Bridle: Selected Prose by C. Day-Lewis edited by Albert Gelpi and Bernard O’Donoghue

From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square : Kongo dances and the origins of the Mardi Gras Indians

From The Kingdom Of Kongo To Congo Square: Kongo Dances And The Origin Of The Mardi Gras Indians by Jeroen Dewulf

Imagining persons : Robert Duncan's lectures on Charles Olson

Imagining Persons: Robert Duncan’s Lectures On Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

An open map : the correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

An Open Map: The Correspondence Of Robert Duncan And Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 5, 1645-1714, the later seventeenth century

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 5: 1645-1714: The Later Seventeenth Century by Margaret J. M. Ezell

Big Book of the Continental Op. by Dashiell Hammett

The Big Book Of The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett edited by Richard Layman and Julie M. Rivett


Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

The short stories of Ernest Hemingway the Hemingway library edition

The Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway edited with an introduction by Sean Hemingway and a foreword by Patrick Hemingway

Why Are We in Vietnam?

Why Are We In Vietnam by Norman Mailer with a foreword by Maggie McKinley

A saturnalia of bunk : selections from The free lance, 1911-1915

A Saturnalia Of Bunk: Selections From The Free Lance 1911-1915 by H. L. Mencken edited by S. T. Joshi

No villain by Arthur Miller

No Villain by Arthur Miller

Hidden Hitchcock

Hidden Hitchcock by D. A. Miller

Insomniac dreams : experiments with time

Insomniac Dreams: Experiments In Time by Vladimir Nabokov compiled, edited, and with a commentaries by Gennady Barabtarlo

Good for Otto by David Rabe

Good For Otto by David Rabe

Visiting Edna; and Good For Otto : two plays

Visiting Edna And Good For Otto: Two Plays by David Rabe

The golden house a novel

The Golden House by Salman Rushdie


1668: The Year Of The Animal In France by Peter Sahlins

Conversations with Gary Snyder

Conversations With Gary Snyder edited by Stephen Calonne

Accidental orientalists : modern italian travelers in Ottoman lands

Accidental Orientalists: Modern Italian Travelers In Ottoman Lands by Barbara Spackman

The Wheels Of Chance: With A Student Guide To The Historical And Social Context Of The Novel by H. G. Wells with an introduction and notes by Jeremy Withers

Oscars 2018: The Reader’s Edition

Oscar Nominees: The Reader's Edition

by Taylor Follett, Literature and Digital Humanities Assistant

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an award-winning novel in possession of a good plot must be turned into a movie that doesn’t quite do it justice. This year, however, several films came close. On January 23rd, the Academy Awards announced their latest list of nominees for the 2018 Oscars. Before they were lauded for their actors, screenplays, and cinematography, some of the top films of the year were good old-fashioned novels. So instead of heading to the movie theater to catch up before March 4, head down to Main Stacks to try the real deal. Check out some of the nominee’s original stories here:

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