Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Starting September 15th, Hispanic Heritage Month begins as we celebrate and commend the great works and achievements made by the Latinx community. Find inspiring and excellent recommendations by Latinx authors below and look for more in the UC Berkeley Library’s collection on Overdrive.

Summer Reading 2023

2023 Summer Reading

Kick off this summer with these fantastic beach reads! From summer scares to beachside romances, check out Overdrive and the selections below for an irresistible read.

Disability Pride Month 2023

Disability Pride Month 2023

Celebrate this year’s Disability Pride Month with these great recommendations from the library. Spanning disability culture, activism, love, and finding yourself, our picks are a must-read for everyone!

Happy Pride Month 2023

Happy Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month this June with novels, essays, romances, and humor by LGBTQIA writers. Browse through our Overdrive collection for even more great picks this month.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2023

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This May, celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with our wonderful and diverse collection of works by Asian American and Pacific Islander American authors. Encompassing books penned by Americans with roots from Sri Lanka to India to Hawai’i, with stories of college life, immigrant families, and much more, there are plenty of great novels to pick from. Check out more titles through Overdrive.

Arab American Heritage Month

Arab-American Heritage Month

Arab-American Heritage Month pays tribute to the contributions of Arab Americans and Arabic-speaking Americans and their cultures. Celebrate this April’s Arab-American Heritage Month with these great reads.

Workshop: HTML/CSS Toolkit for Digital Projects

HTML/CSS Toolkit for Digital Projects
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2:10-3:30pm
Online: Register to receive the Zoom link
Stacy Reardon and Kiyoko Shiosaki

If you’ve tinkered in WordPress, Google Sites, or other web publishing tools, chances are you’ve wanted more control over the placement and appearance of your content. With a little HTML and CSS under your belt, you’ll know how to edit “under the hood” so you can place an image exactly where you want it, customize the formatting of text, or troubleshoot copy & paste issues. By the end of this workshop, interested learners will be well-prepared for a deeper dive into the world of web design. Register here.


Please see bit.ly/dp-berk for details.

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

“If you live, you look back and beg for it again, the hazardous bliss before you know what you would miss.” – Ada Limon, 24th Poet Laureate.

Celebrate National Poetry Month with this diverse collection of award-winning poets and check out the rest of our Overdrive for more!



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Still using the original OverDrive app? OverDrive is discontinuing it. You’ll want to use Libby instead. Click here for more.

Drama Online: ArtFilms Collections Trial

ArtFilms Trial

The library has started a one-month trial for Drama Online’s ArtFilms collections. We have access through April 25th, 2023. We would love your feedback on the value of these collections to your research and teaching.

Please send any comments to sreardon at berkeley dot edu.

ArtFilms includes the following subcollections:

Asian Theatre Video Collection

The Asian Theatre video collection is an essential resource for students of theatre design and production, as well as contemporary theatre practice. It offers interviews with leading performers and practitioners, and houses a tranche of filmed performances, documentaries, rehearsal footage, and training videos. From Butoh to Bollywood, Bunraku to Topeng, this collection is a vital repository for students and academics interested in Asia’s rich theatrical traditions.

British, American, and Australian Video Collection

Through its focus on contemporary avant-garde troupes such as The Sydney Front, this video collection is an invaluable resource for the study of British, American, and Australian theatre. From the nuances of American puppetry and the skills of Australian Circus performers, to large-scale sculptural productions and political dance pieces, this collection’s rich array of biopics, interviews, workshops, and filmed performances provides a unique multi-media insight into the traditions and adaptations of British, American, and Australian theatre over the last fifty years.

European Theatre Video Collection

Spanning the schools of mime, acrobatics, and puppetry, as well as the theatrical traditions of Belgium, Serbia, and Germany, the European Theatre video collection contains a wealth of stimulating content. Through rare filmed recordings, archival footage, and critical commentaries by leading directors, this collection explores avant-garde groups such as France’s Théâtre du Mouvement, Denmark’s Odin Teatret, and Serbia’s JEL Theatre.

Playwrights and Practitioners Video Collection

Blending interviews with rare rehearsal footage, documentaries with production excerpts, the Playwrights and Practitioners video collection is an essential resource for students, actors, and academics. From the songs of Brecht to the provocations of Burlesque, the collection rings with the voices of Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners and offers a rich insight into the creative processes of some of the industry’s most esteemed writers and directors.

Shakespeare Video Collection

Showcasing behind-the-scenes videos at the Globe, candid interviews with renowned Shakespeare actors and directors, as well as controversial adaptations of the Bard, the Shakespeare video collection is an ideal resource for students, academics, and practitioners. Rare documentary footage focuses on the Globe’s status as a unique theatrical institution, whilst the collection’s critical commentaries aim to demystify and illuminate Shakespeare’s most challenging works.

Theatre Making and Performance Video Collection

The Theatre Making and Performance Training video collection uses masterclasses, documentaries, and actor interviews to guide students and early-career practitioners through the art of auditioning, vocal training, and stage combat. Through a tailored selection of ‘How To’ resources, the collection also proves essential for those specializing in the design elements of theatre, such as make-up artistry, set design, theatre safety, and lighting.