New Book by Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby

Creole: Portraits of France’s Foreign Relations During the Long Nineteenth Century [book cover]

This book addresses the unique and profound indeterminacy of “Creole,” a label applied to white, black, and mixed-race persons born in French colonies during the nineteenth century.

“Creole” implies that the geography of one’s birth determines identity in ways that supersede race, language, nation, and social status. Paradoxically, the very capaciousness of the term engendered a perpetual search for visual signs of racial difference as well as a pretense to blindness about the intermingling of races in Creole society. Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby reconstructs the search for visual signs of racial difference among people whose genealogies were often repressed. She explores French representations of Creole subjects and representations by Creole artists in France, the Caribbean, and the Americas. To do justice to the complexity of Creole identity, Grigsby interrogates the myriad ways in which people defined themselves in relation to others. With close attention to the differences between Afro-Creole and Euro-Creole cultures and persons, Grigsby examines figures such as Théodore Chassériau, Guillaume Guillon-Lethière, Alexandre Dumas père, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, the models Joseph and Laure, Josephine Bonaparte, Jeanne Duval, and Adah Isaacs Menken.

Based on extensive archival research, Creole is an original and important examination of colonial identity. This essential study will be welcomed by specialists in nineteenth-century art history, French cultural history, the history of race, and transatlantic history more generally.

[from publisher’s site]

Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby is Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Arts and Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of Enduring Truths: Sojourner’s Shadows and SubstanceColossal: Engineering the Suez Canal, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Panama Canal; and Extremities: Painting Empire in Post-Revolutionary France.

Creole : Portraits of France’s Foreign Relations During the Long Nineteenth Century.
University Park, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2022.

Coming Soon: Love Your Data, from Editathons to Containers!

UC Berkeley has been loving its data for a long time, and has been part of the international movement which is Love Data Week (LDW) since at least 2016, even during the pandemic!  This year is no exception—the UC Berkeley Libraries and our campus partners are offering some fantastic workshops (four of which are led by our very own librarians) as part of the University of California-wide observance.

Love Data Week 2023 is happening next month, February 13-17 (it’s always during the week of Valentine’s Day)!

University of California 2023 Love Data Week calendar with UC Berkeley offerings

UC Berkeley Love Data Week offerings for 2023 include:

GIS & Mapping: Where to Start

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (you can also dip into Wikidata at other LDW events)

Introduction to Containers

Textual Analysis with Archival Materials

Getting Started with Qualitative Data Analysis

All members of the UC community are welcome—we hope you will join us!  Registration links for our offerings are above, and the full UC-wide calendar is here.   If you are interested in learning more about what the library is doing with data, check out our new Data + Digital Scholarship Services page.  And, feel free to email us at   Looking forward to data bonding next month!

New Book by Michael Iarocci

The Art of Witnessing: Francisco de Goya's Disasters of War [cover]

Widely acknowledged as a major turning point in the history of visual depictions of war, Francisco de Goya’s renowned print series The Disasters of War remains a touchstone for serious engagement with the violence of war and the questions raised by its artistic representation.

The Art of Witnessing: Francisco de Goya’s Disasters of War provides a new account of Goya’s print series by taking readers through the forty-seven prints he dedicated to the violence of war. Drawing on facets of Goya’s artistry rarely considered together before, the book challenges the notion that documentary realism and historical testimony were his primary aims. Michael Iarocci argues that while the depiction of war’s atrocities was central to Goya’s project, the lasting power of the print series stems from the artist’s complex moral and aesthetic meditations on the subject.

Making novel contributions to longstanding debates about historical memory, testimony, and the representation of violence, The Art of Witnessing tells a new story, print by print, to highlight the ways in which Goya’s masterpiece extends far beyond conventional understandings of visual testimony.

[from publisher’s site]

Michael Iarocci is professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Culture (18th-21st centuries) in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese and the Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities at UC Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Comparative and Transatlantic Hispanic Studies. Literature and geopolitics. Aesthetics and ideology. Visual culture. His previous books include Enrique Gil y la genalogía de la lírica moderna (Juan de la Cuesta, 1999), and Properties of Modernity: Romantic Spain, Modern Europe and the Legacies of Empire (Vanderbilt University Press, 2006).

The Art of Witnessing: Francisco de Goya’s Disasters of War.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2023.

New Book by Henrike Christiane Lange

Giotto's Arena Chapel and the Triumph of Humility [book cover]

In this book, Henrike Lange takes the reader on a tour through one of the most beloved and celebrated monuments in the world – Giotto’s Arena Chapel. Paying close attention to previously overlooked details, Lange offers an entirely new reading of the stunning frescoes in their spatial configuration. The author also asks fundamental questions that define the chapel’s place in Western art history. Why did Giotto choose an ancient Roman architectural frame for his vision of Salvation? What is the role of painted reliefs in the representation of personal integrity, passion, and the human struggle between pride and humility familiar from Dante’s Divine Comedy? How can a new interpretation regarding the influence of ancient reliefs and architecture inform the famous “Assisi controversy” and cast new light on the debate around Giotto’s authorship of the Saint Francis cycle?

Illustrated with almost 200 color plates, including individual images of each scene in the narrative cycle, this volume invites scholars and students to rediscover a key monument of art and architecture history and to see it with fresh eyes.

“Henrike Lange’s book on Giotto’s Arena Chapel changes our view of this key work of painting in Italy around 1300.” – Ulrich Pfisterer, Director of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte; LMU, Munich

“Dr. Lange’s discovery is so all-encompassing and so to the point… It is now possible to bridge the Anglo-Saxon and Italian views of Giotto where once they were thought to be irreconcilable: a great step forward for the field.” – Laurence B. Kanter, Chief Curator, Yale University Art Gallery

“Lange shows how the theme of triumph is at once central and inexhaustible in the Arena Chapel – its structure, imagery, physical presence, context. The book is itself a vivid triumphal procession of ways of seeing, scholarship, discovery, and critical thinking.” – Randolph Starn, UC Berkeley History

“Lange’s discovery is completely new and original: an entirely convincing case built on the foundations of history, literature, philosophy, political iconography, and theology.” – Andrew Stewart, UC Berkeley History of Art and Classics

“Lange has the rare ability to build bridges for the reader with her command of European languages that allow her to translate and integrate the vast libraries of research on Giotto written in different linguistic and scholarly traditions. The very elegance and clarity of her writing suggest that Lange’s will be a contribution of real significance and will have quite an impact on medieval and Renaissance studies.” – Giuseppe Mazzotta, Sterling Professor of Italian, Yale University

“At its heart Lange’s impressive book relays an intensely visual argument. It is a scholarly triumph in itself to explicate the intimate relation – architectural, political, theological – between the Arena Chapel and a famous Roman prototype, the Arch of Titus. All scholars and students of the period will need to engage this powerful historical proposition and its implications for Italian Trecento visual culture. But Lange also finds the full measure of Giotto’s triumph as a painter.” – Whitney Davis, UC Berkeley History of Art

[from publisher’s site]

Henrike Christiane Lange is Associate Professor in History of Art and Italian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Lange completed her Magister Artium at Universität Hamburg, Germany, before earning her PhD at Yale University. The present book is the culmination of two decades of research at sites, archives, and collections across Europe.

Giotto’s Arena Chapel and the Triumph of Humility.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023.

New Alumni Publications

Check out these new publications written and edited by Alumni from the Art History Department:

Mont Allen (PhD 2014),  The Death of Myth on Roman Sarcophagi: Allegory and Visual Narrative in the Late Empire

Patricia Fortini Brown (PhD 1983), The Venetian Bride: Bloodlines and Blood Feuds in Venice and its Empire

Sarah Louise Cowan (PhD 2019), Howardena Pindell: Reclaiming Abstraction (Release Date 11/2022)

Todd Cronan (PhD 2005), Red Aesthetics: Rodchenko, Brecht, Eisenstein 

Nina Dubin (PhD 2006), MELTDOWN! Picturing the World’s First Bubble Economy

Robin Greeley (PhD 1996), A Companion to Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latina/o Art 


Aaron M. Hyman (PhD 2017), Rubens in Repeat: The Logic of the Copy in Colonial Latin America

Stephanie Pearson (PhD 2015), The Triumph and Trade of Egyptian Objects in Rome: Collecting Art in the Ancient Mediterranean

Orna Tsultem (PhD 2009), A Monastery on the Move: Art and Politics in Later Buddhist Mongolia

Karl Whittington (PhD 2010), New Horizons in Trecento Italian Art

Barbara Wisch (PhD 1985), A Companion to Early Modern Rome, 1492-1692 

Marnin Young (PhD 2005), Felix Feneon: The Anarchist and the Avant-Garde

Arts/Visual Collections Showcase



Join us for an open house and 50th anniversary celebration of the Art History/Classics Library. We will be showcasing arts-related and visual collections from across the UC Berkeley Library in a book-fair-style event featuring collection highlights and outreach materials. Come and learn about our many arts-related library holdings.

Wednesday, November 16th
drop by anytime between 3-5 p.m.
Art History/Classics Library
Room 308 Doe Library

Art for the Asking: The Graphic Arts Loan Collection Returns With An Exhibition At The Worth Ryder Art Gallery

1958GALCCatalogCoverThe Graphic Arts Loan Collection (GALC) at the Morrison Library has been checking out art to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty since 1958. After two years of being closed due to COVID, the GALC is back this year with an exhibition on campus and a new way to check prints out. 

Art for the Asking: The Graphic Arts Loan Collection at the Morrison Library will take place from August 24-September 30 at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery (116 Anthropology and Art Practice Building). This exhibition includes ephemera and prints from throughout the collection’s history, some of which are rarely seen. Francisco Goya, Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp, Edward Gorey, Fernand Léger, Max Beckman, Elisabeth Frink, Corita, Carrie Mae Weems, Le Corbusier, Faith Ringgold, and Ellsworth Kelly are some of the artists that will be represented by prints in this exhibition. There will also be sections in the exhibition dedicated to the winners of the Art Practice and University Library Printmaking Award. The reception for Art for the Asking: The Graphic Arts Loan Collection at the Morrison Library will take place from 4-6pm on Wednesday, August 31st at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery.

StudentBikeGALCRainThe purpose of the GALC since its inception has been to put art in the hands of UC Berkeley students (and the best way to appreciate art is to live with it!), so from September 26-30, UC Berkeley students can come to the Worth Ryder Art Gallery and check-out up to two pieces of art from the GALC’s circulating collection to take home and hang on their walls for the academic year. The prints will only be available to students on a first come, first served basis. Not everything in the collection will be available at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery to check-out these days, but much of the collection will. Please note that the Graphic Arts Loan Collection will not be available to staff and faculty members during this time, but only available to UC Berkeley students.

Starting October 17th, faculty, staff, and students can reserve prints from the collection through the GALC website, where more information about the collection can be found. Any questions about Art for the Asking: The Graphic Arts Loan Collection at the Morrison Library or the GALC can be directed to

Kelly Red Orange Blue        Weems       

Ellsworth Kelly, Red-Orange Over Blue                 Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled: Trees With Mattress                     Faith Ringgold, Jo Baker’s Birthday

September’s New Books in Art History

Check out these new books in the subject of Art History.  Click the links below for their records in UC Library Search.

Bill Cunningham Was Here                                       Captioning the Archives                                                Carrie Mae Weems


Photography                            The Selfie, Temporality, and Contemporary Photography                     The Lives of Images


George Platt Lynes                                            New York Stilled Life                                            Fortunes of War

Art History/Classics Library Orientation Sessions for Art Practice and History of Art majors

Welcome back students! If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful arts library resources, please join us at one of our upcoming library orientation sessions. Current sessions offered include:

Friday, August 26th 3-4
Monday, August 29th 2-3
Friday, September 9th 11-12

Please rsvp at:

Registration will be capped at 20 students. New dates/times will be added to the rsvp form if the current offerings reach capacity. We will meet in the Art History/Classics Library (room 308, 3rd floor Doe Library).




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2021/22 GALC New Acquisitions

GALC Website

Breidenthal bat


Artist: Breidenthal, Elinor
Title: Bat Kiss
Date: 2020
Medium: Risograph



Falco Noche


Artist: Falco, Robert
Title: La Noche
Date: 2019
Medium: 2 Color Screenprint





Artist: Gui, Emily
Title: Remnant
Date: 2022
Medium: Serigraph



Hernandez manual

Artist: Hernandez, Hector Omar
Title: Manual Labor
Date: 2008
Medium: Mezzotint on Copper

Hernandez skull


Artist: Hernandez, Hector Omar
Title: Untitled (Skull)
Date: 2008
Medium: Aquatint Mezzotint on Zinc



Hernanadez Yin

Artist: Hernandez, Hector Omar
Title: Yin Yang 69
Date: 2011
Medium: Copperplate Mezzotint


Hussong Intaglio

Artist: Hussong, Randy
Title: Intaglio (Test Print)
Date: 2012
Medium: Intaglio
Description: Part of Test Print series


Artist: Hussong, Randy
Title: Lithography (Test Print)
Date: 2013
Medium: Lithograph
Description: Part of Test Print series


Artist: Hussong, Randy
Title: Relief (Test Print)
Date: 2017
Medium: Relief
Description: Part of Test Print series


Artist: Hussong, Randy
Title: Screen Print (Test Print)
Date: 2011
Medium: Screen Print
Description: Part of Test Print series


Helen Jo RIP

Artist: Jo, Helen
Title: RIP 2020
Date: 2021
Medium: Risograph




Artist: Mubarak, Cinque
Title: 2350 B.C.E
Date: 2021
Medium: 12 Color Screen Print




neeley downsteam

Artist: Neeley, Kathleen
Title: Downstream
Date: 2021
Medium: Linocut
Description: Part of The Understory Linocut Series




Neeley moss

Artist: Neeley, Kathleen
Title: Moss Lord
Date: 2020
Medium: Linocut
Description: Part of The Understory Linocut Series




Obata Horse

Artist: Obata, Chiura
Title: Unititled (Jumping Horse)
Date: 1960
Medium: Woodcut



Okona Landing


Artist: Okona, Chinwe
Title: Lunar Landing
Date: 2022
Medium: 4 Color Screen Print




Artist: Oparah, Nkiruka
Title: Untitled
Date: 2019
Medium: Screenprint, colored pencil




Paabus Passage


Artist: Paabus, Kristina
Title: Passage
Date: 2021
Medium: Monotype



Ryan Orchards


Artist: Ryan, David
Title: When I Was Your Age This Was All Orchards
Date: 2020
Medium: Risograph



Santamaria bajo


Artist: Santamaria, Sergio Sanchez
Title: Bajo el Nopal
Date: 2021
Medium: Linocut
Description: Part of the Dioses y Petates Series




Artist: Santamaria, Sergio Sanchez
Title: Dios Encerrado
Date: 2021
Medium: Linocut
Description: Part of the Dioses y Petates Series
Medium: Woodcut



Artist: Santamaria, Sergio Sanchez
Title: Mascara de Guerrero
Date: 2021
Medium: Linocut
Description: Part of the Dioses y Petates Series



santamaria Quetzalcoatl


Artist: Santamaria, Sergio Sanchez
Title: Quetzalcóatl
Date: 2021
Medium: Linocut

Sato Mask


Artist: Sato, Rob
Title: The Mask Collector
Date: 2020
Medium: Risograph



Schuster Boisson


Artist: Schuster, Julien
Title: Boisson D’Avril
Date: 2019
Medium: Hand Colored Linocut



Deth Sun Dark


Artist: Sun, Deth P.
Title: Dark Images
Date: 2021
Medium: Risograph



Takar back peace


Artist: Takar, Kenny
Title: Back Peace
Date: 2021
Medium: Risograph



Westerman Oaks


Artist: Westerman, Donna
Title: Valley Oaks
Date: 2022
Medium: Woodcut



Wong Pandora


Artist: Wong, Anita Yan
Title: Pandora
Date: 2020
Medium: Sumi-e Ink Painting



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