Primary Sources: Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library

The Library has recently acquired Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library (1475-1900), a full-text searchable digital library of early printed books in Arabic script. It includes works on law, the sciences, religion, history, geography, travel, mathematics, and many other subjects. There are some European translations of Arabic works included, as well as Arabic translations of European works.

The resource is divided into three subject modules, though all can be searched simultaneously.


Module 1: Religion and Law
The Qu’ran, traditions (Hadith), tafsir, theology, commentaries on religious texts, religious teaching and practice, biographies of religious figures; law, fiqh and statutes, fatwas and rulings

Module 2: Sciences, History, and Geography
Natural history, medicine, physiology, other science, classical sciences, philosophy, logic, politics, ethics, mathematics, arithmetic, geometry, mechanics, astrology, chemistry; history, early caliphs and conquests, modern history, genealogy, biographies; geography and travel, regional geography, and topography

Module 3: Periodicals, Literature, Grammar, Language, Catalogues and General Works
Periodicals, folktales, pre-Islamic literature (Antar, Bani Hilal, Imru’l qays), Islamic poetry and prose (al-Burdah), poetry and prose (maqamat), Kalilah wa-dimnah, Luqman, proverbs and sayings, Thousand and one nights, later literature, poetry and prose, general literature; language and lexicography, dictionaries, grammar, syntax, rhetoric, ‘ilm al-bayan, catalogues, manuscript catalogues, etc.

Searches can be done in Arabic (using a built-in keyboard tool), transliterated Arabic, or Latin script.

Resource: Loeb Classical Library Online

The Library has acquired the Loeb Classical Library Online, which provide full text of Greek and Latin classics, accompanied by English translations.

Key features include:

  • Single- and dual-language reading modes
  • Sophisticated Bookmarking and Annotation features
  • Tools for sharing Bookmarks and Annotations
  • Greek keyboard
  • User account and My Loeb content saved in perpetuity
  • Intuitive Search and Browse
  • Inclusion of every Loeb volume in print
  • Regular uploading of new and revised volumes
Please note: To access from off-campus, you must use the Library VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Trial: Early European Books

The Library has arranged a trial of Early European Books, a digitized collection of rare books and incunabula from The National Library of France, The National Library of Florence, The National Library of the Netherlands, The Wellcome Library, London, and the Royal Library, Denmark. Over 30,000 works are currently included, with new titles added regularly.

From the birth of printing to 1700, Early European Books aims to encompass all European printed material, (as well as material printed further afield but in European languages). The tool features page-level indexing that allows users to find pages that contain portraits, maps, handwritten notes, illustrations or other page features. Other features that facilitate research include:

  • A tailored interface that provides powerful search options including thumbnail view of entire volume, sophisticated image viewer for panning, rotating and zooming, and multi-lingual interface.
  • Incorporation of CERL Thesaurus that allows mapping and searching of historical and international variants for personal names (Horace, Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Orazio) and place names (Venezia, Venetiis, Venedig).
  • References to bibliographic sources (i.e. Lauritz Nielson bibliography for Danish works), to help scholars to locate specific editions.
  • Metadata from source libraries, including notes and subject headings where available

The trial ends May 30, 2014. You are welcome to leave your evaluative comments here or email them to me or to Claude Potts [cpotts [at]].

Resource: HathiTrust collection builder tool

Collection Builder in HathiTrust allows users to create their own subsets of the repository to share with others (or keep private). It is an ideal way for researchers to aggregate sources around a particular subject for classes, group projects, or personal use.

To use Collection Builder, you must be logged in to HathiTrust. Click on LOG IN, choose your home institution, and authenticate with your Calnet ID and passphrase.

Then, either from the PageTurner interface or from the full-text search search results page, you can select items to be added to a collection. When logged in, you can add items to a new or existing permanent collection, or a temporary collection. If you are not logged in, a temporary collection is created. One main advantage of saving items to a collection is that you can then perform full text searches on just this subset of HathiTrust content.

Resource: HathiTrust collections

Here are a few updates on HathiTrust’s collection and tools:

HathiTrust currently contains over 11 million volumes, digitized from the partnering library collections:

  • 11,135,776 total volumes
  • 5,801,121 book titles
  • 290,893 serial titles
  • 3,897,521,600 pages

Visualizations of holdings by call number, by language, and by publication date are available.

 Embed codes are available for the books, allowing you to insert them into any webpage (please note that you may need to update the URL to https for iframes to work properly in recent versions of browsers).

This title came from the “Copyright Review project (CRMS) little gems” collection.

Another way to see some featured titles is to visit HathiTrust on pinterest.

Trials: EEO-Edición Española Online & Digitalia

Through May 31, the Library has access to EEO-Edición Española Online, a collection of more than 1,800 e-books from Spain. Not as large a collection as Digitalia which also includes Latin American publishers and remains on trial for the entire UC system through September 1, EEO makes available in digital form the publications of some of Spain’s most important publishers. Some of these are: Akal, Bellaterra, Casa de Velázquez, CSIC, Editum, Iberoamericana Vervuert, Octaedro, Prensas Universitarias Universidad de Zaragoza, Trotta, Universidad de Deusto.

Accessible through Casalini’s Torrossa platform, EEO also makes use of the same platform and functionality of the Italian e-books and e-journals the Library has been able to acquire this year. Please send comments about your impressions of both Digitalia and Edición Española Online. We are especially interested in knowing if any of these titles might be particularly useful for the research and teaching in your areas of responsibility, even if we already have them in print.

Here are the direct links to both collections:


Edición Española Online (search by language “Spanish” and content type “book”)

Resource: Ebooks via Project Muse

The Library has added to its collection over 22,000 full-length monographs available through Project Muse. These works are selected from participating University and Scholarly presses and are fully integrated with Project Muse’s journal content, allowing you to search across the entire collection. The guide provided by the publisher will show you how to best utilize the simple search, advanced search, and facets, which allow you to refine your results list.

Once you locate a book in the database, you will see each section of the book available as a separate PDF. The entire book cannot be downloaded as one file, but there are no restrictions on downloading or printing individual chapters.

Records for these electronic titles will soon be added to OskiCat and will be retrieved along with print and other electronic titles when you search the catalog.