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New Books from Colombia, and Peru!

Here are some of the photos of the new books from South America that we have acquired as of today. Please click on the individual images on the books to get access to the albums of the books from a particular country. I have added some clips as the points of discussion and departure from the images.




In memoriam: Victor Heringer, escritor carioca, morre aos 29 anos!

I had recently ordered a book by Victor Heringer- a Brazilian writer. I had no idea that he was so young until I learned of his passing today. The book that I had recently ordered is entitled-Amor dos homens avulsos (O). RIP Victor Heringer.
My Brazilian colleague Angela Maria informed me of his death using the following words-[“O escritor carioca Victor Heringer, que ganhou o prêmio Jabuti com o romance “Glória”, morreu aos 29 anos.A informação foi confirmada nesta quarta-feira (7) por sua editora, a Companhia das Letras. A causa da morte não foi informada na nota divulgada pela Companhia das Letras. Heringer era um dos principais nomes da literatura brasileira contemporânea.
Ele estreou com Automatógrado, livro de poemas, em 2011. Seu livro Glória (7Letras, 2012),sobre um artista plástico que procura pela mulher impossível, ficou em segundo lugar na categoria romance no Prêmio Jabuti, em 2013. Em seu mais recente trabalho, O Amor dos Homens Avulsos (Companhia das Letras, 2016), o escritor retrata um homemque é assombrado pelo passado, em que figura a morte de um conhecido aindaquando criança. O romance foi finalista dos prêmios Rio de Literatura, São Paulo de Literatura e Oceanos. Junto com Glória, o escritor lançou um clipe, que pode ser visto abaixo:

Heringer também fazia experimentos com vídeos e filmes curtos, que postava em seu canal no YouTube. Em um deles, diz: “Os anos felizes acabaram/ os anos tristes acabaram/ somos a última geração/ que aproveitará os mimos/ do mundo moderno/ SÓ O FIM NOS UNE”.]


Opening of “Vida y Resistencia en el Territorio Mapuche, Chile (Life and Resistance in the Mapuche Territory, Chile)” Exhibition on March 9, 2018.

We will have an opening event for our exhibition that is called, “Vida y Resistencia en el Territorio Mapuche, Chile (Life and Resistance in the Mapuche Territory, Chile)”. The exhibition will open in Moffitt on March 9th and it will go through June 30, 2018.

The opening event is scheduled from 5 pm through 6:30 pm this Friday. The exhibition was co-sponsored by the CLAS working group- Wallmapu Support Committee. There will a short musical performance and some presentation by the Chilean and Mapuche community members from the Bay Area.

I am attaching the flyer for the event.

The event is open to the community members and the seating might be limited. Please feel free to forward to other colleagues and lists.

Thank you and please try and come.

Curator of the exhibition in support from Wallmapu Support Committee.

New book updates for Bolivia, and Colombia!

Below are the albums of the new books from Bolivia, and Colombia. Please click on the images of the each book and it will allow you to see the new books that we have purchased for our faculty and students from these different countries.



Congratulations to our colleague now retired librarian- Kathryn Wanye!

ARLIS/NA Honors Kathryn Wayne with 2017 Distinguished Service Award


NEW YORK, NY (March 1, 2018)—The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is pleased to announce Kathryn Wayne as the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Service Award. She is the 27th person to receive the Society’s highest honor. The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual whose exemplary service in art librarianship, visual resources curatorship, or a related field has made an outstanding national or international contribution to art information. Kathryn’s deep and far-reaching contributions to the Society and to the field of art librarianship perfectly embody the accomplishments most valued by the Society.


The award was presented to Kathryn by her nominator, Gregory P. J. Most, at ARLIS/NA’s 46th annual conference convocation ceremony, held in New York City on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Gregory is Chief of the Image Collections at the National Gallery of Art.


Kathryn recently retired as head of the Art History/Classics Library at the University of California, Berkeley. She came to UC Berkeley in 1990 as Architecture and Landscape Architecture Librarian at Berkeley’s Environmental Design Library following many years as Architecture Librarian at the University of Arizona.


Throughout her career Kathryn has taken on leadership positions within the Society. In her role as 27th President of ARLIS/NA, she oversaw the transition to a new management firm, while also pursuing a very public role in advocacy. She initiated letters to Congress backing policies that affected copyright and database legislation; wrote to the Getty Information Institute concerning the importance of continuing the Getty Vocabulary Program; addressed then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani concerning ARLIS/NA’s stand on the controversial Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibition, Sensation, and corresponded with the President of the National Architectural Accrediting Board concerning recommendations for changing its standards for architecture libraries, many of which were adopted. In addition to serving as president of the national organization, she also served as Western Regional Representative and Chapter Chair for both the Arizona and Northern California Chapters.
Kathryn co-chaired the national conference in 1993, and this work served to inform one of Kathryn’s enduring legacies to the Society. Her fundraising for the 2013 Pasadena and 2014 Washington D.C. conferences yielded record amounts. She has a special ability to persuade individuals, companies, and organizations to generously support the mission of the Society. Her triumphs as a fundraiser made these conferences financially successful beyond all expectations.


Two of her notable publications are the seminal reference book Architecture Sourcebook: A Guide to Resources on the Practice of Architecture published by Omnigraphics in 1997, and her contribution to the 33-volume Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences published by CRC Press in 2010, for which she wrote the chapter on Art Librarianship.


Despite these impressive professional accomplishments, Kathryn never lost sight of the fundamental role of librarianship at her home institutions. Her dedication to students endured throughout her career. She established an information literacy program at the University of California, Berkeley School of Environmental Design and shared her experience through a subsequent professional presentation on the program. She mentored San Jose State library school students and University of California undergraduate students. One former student wrote, “Kathryn has not only enriched the profession, she has shaped my life.”


For her contributions to the field at large and to ARLIS/NA in particular, Kathryn Wayne has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Service Award.


The members of the 2017 ARLIS/NA Distinguished Service Award Sub-Committee were: Rachel Resnik (chair), Maureen Burns, Heather Koopmans, Maria Oldal, and Liv Valmestad.
About the Art Libraries Society of North America
Founded in 1972, the Art Libraries Society of North America is a dynamic, international organization of more than 1,000 individuals devoted to fostering excellence in art and design librarianship and image management in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The membership includes architecture and art librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, students, and others interested in visual arts information. To serve this diverse constituency, the Society provides a wide range of programs and services within an organizational structure that encourages participation at all levels.


Lyndsay Bratton, ARLIS/NA Media Editor
Email: media.relations@arlisna.org
Telephone: (860) 439-2729
For more information visit www.arlisna.org


Announcements from the Center for Latin American Studies.

Center for Latin American Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Friday: Two years after her murder…

Film Screening and Discussion
Berta Didn’t Die, She Multiplied


Directed by Sam Vinal (Honduras/U.S.A., 2017)

Join CLAS for a screening of the documentary on the legacy of Berta Cáceres, the indigenous Honduran environmental activist whose defense of her people’s lands successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam at the Río Gualcarque. After winning the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015, she was assassinated on March 3, 2016. In Spanish with English subtitles.

After the screening, there will be a discussion featuring:

· Silvio Carrillo, a filmmaker, producer, and the nephew of Berta Cáceres, and

· Roxanna Altholz, an international human rights lawyer, and co-author of the recent Dam Violence: The Plan That Killed Berta Cáceres.

All CLAS screenings are free and open to the public. No ticket required.

Friday, March 2, 2017, 5:00 pm
160 Kroeber Hall

Next week: Cine Latino

Image from “I Dream in Another Language.” (Photo courtesy of Filmrise.)

Cine Latino
I Dream in Another Language
Directed by Ernesto Contreras (Mexico/Netherlands, 2017)

A young linguist travels to the jungle of Mexico to research and save a mysterious indigenous language. A language, as he discovers, at the point of disappearing since the last two speakers had a fight fifty years ago and refuse to speak a word with each other. Trying to bring the two old friends back together, he discovers that hidden in the past, in the heart of the jungle, lies a secret concealed by the language that makes it difficult to believe that the heart of Zikril will beat once again. 103 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

“It’s thrilling to see such an original, mature story seek to fill its big heart with poetry.” – Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com

Trailer: https://youtu.be/D3jb2cvR3EU

Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 pm
Please note new venue: 102 Wurster Hall

BIG GIVE is next Thursday, March 8

In past years, CLAS supporters helped us make a big splash during Big Give, the campus-wide 24-hour fundraising blitz. Big Give is back and you can help CLAS win contests and cash prizes by making a donation and spreading the word on social media. Join thousands of alumni, students, parents, and friends in showing your passion for Berkeley by giving to CLAS on March 8.

More information coming soon!

New books from Mexico- 1 March 2018

Please access the images of the new books from Mexico by clicking on the image of the album below. Thank you.

New Books from Brazil and Bolivia-March Update

I wanted to provide an update on select new books from Brazil and Bolivia that we have recently received. These books will be cataloged and made available to our users. Please click on the images below to get access to the album of images of selected books.

The photos of the selected books from Bolivia can be accessed by clicking on the image of the album below.

New Cartonera Books From Mexico.

I was fortunate to acquire a select number of new Cartonera books from Mexico. I am posting some rushed images of select books for your enjoyment. These are from various Cartonera publishers in Mexico.

Library has started a trial of Classic Mexican Cinema Online Database [From the Archives of the Filmoteca of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)].

The Library has started a trial for an online resource that is entitled “Mexican Cinema Online.” Below are the details of this trial. I will be grateful if you can please provide me your feedback and assessment on the utility of this resource for your research and teaching.
Please authenticate using the VPN or Ez proxy if you are accessing this resource from an off-campus location. Also, during the trial period, the downloads are not permitted.
If you now go to http://primarysources.brillonline.com/browse/mexican-cinema you will find you have complete access to the resource.
General details:
Site address:    http://primarysources.brillonline.com/browse/mexican-cinema
Product:         Mexican Cinema Online (Classic) (on BRC)
Brill sub-id: 47337
Start date:      19 Feb 2018
End date:        20 Mar 2018
Brill sub: Status: OK
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Mexican cinema, from its beginnings in the late 1890s to its Golden Age (1930s to 1960), was consistently the largest and most important of all the Spanish-speaking countries. During its heyday, the Mexican film industry produced an average of one hundred films annually and supplied screen entertainment to both domestic audiences and international markets in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. The Golden Age of Mexican cinema is illuminated in this collection of popular movie periodicals. Not only does it include chief magazines such as Cinema Reporter (1943-1965) and Cine Mundial (1951-1955), it also features two extremely rare issues of El Cine Gráfico from 1935 and copies of the weekly El Mundo Ilustrado (1902-1910), an arts magazine that also contained notes on movies. The true extent of the popularity of Mexican film is illustrated by Cinelandia (1931-1947), which was published in Hollywood both in Spanish and in English. This collection also includes some fifty rare lobby cards, which were used to advertise a film. Finally, for the first time this collection gives access to the personal scrap book of Fernando de Fuentes (1894-1958), one of the leading Latin-American filmmakers to this day. It contains reviews, movie stills, programs, and advertisements, shedding a unique light on the career of this pioneering director.

The sources in this collection, heretofore only accessible in the archives of the Filmoteca de la UNAM in Mexico City, will be invaluable to researchers and students working on Film and Media Studies, Latin American Studies, and many other aspects of the historical, social, and political impact of cinema.

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