Library Trial of Rand State Statistics Database (October 6- November 2, 2021)

My colleague, Hilary Schiraldi has set up a 30 day trial of the Rand State Statistics Database. Although not technically related to Slavic, East European, or Latin American Studies, as a librarian who provides reference services to our users, I find a great value in exploring different databases. I invite you to utilize this opportunity to try out Rand State Statistics Database. Please use your proxy or VPN if you are accessing it from an off-campus location! Explore! Browse! Enjoy!

Primary Sources: Caribbean Blue Books, 1824-1950

cover imageRecently added to our collection of British Online Archives are the Caribbean Blue Books, 1824-1950, statistical records for the colonies of Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, Dominica, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Christopher, Nevis, St Lucia, St. Vincent, Tortola, the Turks Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago. The records include the years 1839-1938, though some begin in 1824 and others continue to 1950.

The Blue Books include population numbers, education reports, grants of land, imports and exports, and prison statistics.

What does Berkeley lend to other UC’s?

Data from the VDX system used for interlibrary traffic among UC’s became available for the first time late last year.

At the Collections Assessment Tools workshop for selectors in February, we announced that this information, beginning with 2008-09 Borrowing information, was slated for the Collection Development staff web, here. 

You can now see both 2008-09 Borrowing and Lending information.

A few highlights regarding Lending…78% of requests we receive from other UCs are for books; looks like the top 20 contenders are in the sciences. We filled 70% of the requests we received. If you’re curious about the reasons we didn’t fill the other 30%, see tab 2 on the excel worksheet linked via Oveview. There are also detailed lists of all requests received by material type.

If you have any brainstorms (yes!) or questions looking at the data, let me know (gford at

P.S. These reports do not include interlibrary traffic for the RLCP program, nor does it include items lent to libraries outside UC. These have different data sources. Stanford stats are coming next.

Stanford – Berkeley Interlibrary Borrowing / Lending

Wonder what parts of your collections are being requested by Stanford? Spreadsheets of what Stanford requested of us for 2008/09 are now available.

Collections Development –> Tools –> Assessment –>Interlibrary Borrowing/Lending (scroll down to “Berkeley Lending via RLCP”)

Statistics and details of what  Berkeley patrons requested from Stanford are being compiled, and will be announced here when they are available.

If you have questions, give me a buzz