Building distinguished collections one title at a time-3: S/No.: SEM NÚMERO: MODA, IMAGEM, CULTURA NO BRASIL.

Our library is set to acquire a set of Brazilian periodicals, “S/no.: Sem Número: Moda, Imagem, Cultura No Brasil.”

S/No.: SEM NÚMERO: MODA, IMAGEM, CULTURA NO BRASIL. N. 1, Jul. 2002-2015.- São Paulo, Editora Bookmark, Livre Conteudo. ISSN 1677-2164.

S / N magazine was launched in 2002 by photographer Bob Wolfenson and journalist Hélio Hara as a platform for unusual creative encounters and has established itself over the years as a relevant publication on fashion and culture in Brazil. LIVRE Content has been part of the magazine’s team since 2010, acting as editor and Ricardo Feldman as Publisher.

Photos below courtesy of Sandra of S.Bach.


Trial: Classic Brazilian Cinema Online (Brill) ends on June 6, 2020

Classic Brazilian Cinema Online

Classic Brazilian Cinema Online
Editor: Rafael de Luna Freire
Resource self-description: “A unique collection of digitized historical film magazines from the 1910s to the 1970s, providing students and researchers with easy access to rare and previously dispersed sources documenting the cinematographic history of the largest country in Latin America.”

If you now go to you will find you have complete access to the resource. Brazilian cinema gained international acclaim through the Cinema Novo of Glauber Rocha, Nelson Pereira dos Santos and other directors in the 1960s. Yet Brazil produced numerous films throughout its various regions since as early as 1896. Until now, a proper appreciation of early Brazilian cinema has been hampered by the loss of a significant number of the films, as well as a lack of available printed sources pertaining to Brazil’s movie industry.”

The trial will go on through June 6, 2020

Sources from the Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro; New York University Libraries; and four private collectors in Brazil
• Unique access to more than 60 magazines • Fan magazines, trade magazines, Cinema Novo magazines
• Covering the period 1913–1974 • Ca. 75,000 full-color images • Full-text search functionality

Fair Academic Use Only.
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