Resource: Dictionary of Medieval Latin for British Sources

The Library has acquired the online Dictionary of Medieval Latin for British Sources, the first to focus on British Medieval Latin and based on the close reading of thousands of mainly Latin texts written in Great Britain from 540 to 1600 A.D.  Authors included were British, lived in Britain, or writings of British authors living abroad.  It also includes texts from territories under the administration of the the English Crown.

The online version is an addition to the Database of Latin Dictionaries (DLB) to which the Library already subscribes.  A print version of the Dictionary resides in our library in the Doe Reference Dictionaries collection at PA2891 .L281.

Trial: Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic

Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic is a new groundbreaking resource for those with an interest in the Arabic language. Structured by Oxford’s renowned language research and compiled by an international team of expert advisers, the dictionary is based on language as it’s used today.
Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic contains the latest vocabulary in technology, business, media, and the arts in both languages to ensure you have the most up-to-date words at your fingertips.
Key benefits include:

  • Over 330,000 words, phrases, and translations
  • 70,000 real life example sentences
  • Vowels in all Arabic text
  • Fully searchable in Modern Standard Arabic and English
  • Regular word and content updates to ensure this resource is the most up to date bi-directional Arabic and English dictionary available
  • Incorporates extra content including tables of Arabic verbs, numbers, and dates
  • Modern and user-friendly design is optimized for use on a phone or tablet

Our trial to this resource will end on October 29, 2014.  Send feedback and comments to Shayee Khanaka.