Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month! We’ve compiled a list of fiction, memoirs, and poetry for you to check out. Visit the Native American Heritage Month website for more information and live events.

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Notable Books October 2022

Check out the National Book Award finalists of 2022 and celebrate the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature Annie Ernaux! You can find their work at the UC Berkeley Library. Take a peek at some of the selections below:

Artecubano : revista de artes visuales.

As the librarian for Latin American and the Caribbean collections, I find it important to also carry out some sort of retrospective collection development and contribute to the creation of a holistic collection of journals of importance from the region. One such journal is  Artecubano. We have several issues of this title, but we do not have a complete run. I am glad to announce that through my contacts in Cuba, I was able to get all of the issues through 2015.  I will be able post the pictures of these issues once they get here. I am so excited for having such a rewarding vocation!