New Resources in Literature

three quarter image of doe library
Three quarter view of the East and North facades.” Daniel L. Lu, CC BY-SA 4.0

by Taylor Follett

Fall semester is always a time of fresh beginnings — new classes, new faces, and most excitingly for those of us at the library, access to new resources. We hope that the following new databases, books, journals, and much more will be of value to those studying literature. Here are some highlights for undergraduates, graduate students, and professors alike.

New Literature Resources

The steady digitization of rare books brings archival material home to you through Early English Books Online (EEBO), Early European Books Online (EEB), and Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library. Inclined toward the 18th and 19th centuries? Other new materials include everything from the Electronic Enlightenment database, which has digitized Enlightenment thinkers’ correspondence, to the well-known journal, Essays in Romanticism. While you’re popping the popcorn for the largest movie marathon of all time, stream 37 BBC performances of Shakespeare plays at BBC Shakespeare. (This also comes in handy when you need to brush up on your knowledge of The Tempest for your Shakespeare final.) And, as always, visit our ongoing list of new books the library has acquired.

New Databases and Digital Collections

New Journal Subscriptions

  • Essays in Romanticism
    A peer-reviewed journal edited by Alan Vardy (Hunter College, CUNY), EiR is the official journal of the International Conference on Romanticism.
  • Lacanian Review The Anglophone Journal of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and continues on from Hurly-Burly.
  • Irish University Review
    The Irish University Review is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 1970 at University College Dublin as a journal of Irish literary criticism. It is affiliated with the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL).
  • The Yearbook of Langland Studies – Digital Back Files

New Reference and Encyclopedias

New Interdisciplinary Resources

Are you interested in information regarding artists’ work, biographies, art auctions and pieces for sale? The askArt database can help. For film scholars, we now have access to both the Classic Mexican Cinema Online database, which features periodicals from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, and the Independent World Cinema: Classic and Contemporary Film database, where you can watch over 400 movies online.

  • askArt
    askART provides access to artists’ profiles, images, literature references, biographies, auction records, art for sale and art wanted, essays on important art movements, and statistics on the markets. Millions of auction records and results (from 1987+). 300,000+ worldwide artists.
  • Classic Mexican Cinema Online
    The Golden Age of Mexican cinema is illuminated in this collection of popular movie periodicals. It includes magazines such as Cinema Reporter (1943-1965), Cine Mundial (1951-1955), and El Cine Gráfico. From the Archives of the Filmoteca of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
  • Independent World Cinema: Classic and Contemporary Film
    Includes over 400 documentary and feature films from select American distributors of independent and international film, including Milestone Films, Zeitgeist Films, Pragda, and Oscilloscope.

This is only a small sampling of our new acquisitions. Check out the full list of new scholarly resources here and enjoy!