Primary Sources: Europeana – now both a portal and a data center

Since its inception in 2008, Europeana has continued to grow, now providing access to more than 30 million items.

  • Europeana portal is the search engine for the digitized collections of museums, libraries, archives and galleries across Europe.
  • Virtual Exhibitions feature highlights from the collection.
  • Europeana 1914-1918 project brings together community-contributed content from the time of World War One.
  • Europeana 1989 project is collecting stories and memorabilia from the fall of the Iron Curtain, as well as recreating the Baltic Way online.

In addition to serving as a centralized access point to contents from different heritage institutions, Europeana is supporting research with Europeana Labs, which provides access to their metadata records, Europeana APIs, and examples of applications that have been created using these resources.