Event: Bancroft Round Table

We are pleased to announce a special, supplemental lecture, sponsored jointly by the Bancroft Library and the Department of History.  Sherry Smith, Dedman Family Distinguished Professor of History and Associate Director, Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University will speak about her latest book, Hippies, Indians and the Fight for Red Power (Oxford, 2012).  The talk will take place at noon on Tuesday, April 9 in room 3335 Dwinelle Hall.

Throughout much of the 20th century, federal policy toward Indians sought to extinguish all remnants of native life and culture. That policy was dramatically confronted in the late 1960s when a loose coalition of hippies, civil rights advocates, Black Panthers, unions, Mexican-Americans, Quakers and other Christians, celebrities, and others joined with Red Power activists to fight for Indian rights. In Hippies, Indians and the Fight for Red Power, Sherry Smith offers the first full account of this remarkable story.

The entire community is invited to join us for this talk to learn more about the initial formation of the coalition of the disenfranchised which has continued to play a major role in many aspects of American cultural and political life.  We are happy to be able to take advantage of Professor Smith’s presence in our area to offer this unusual opportunity to hear her speak.

In peace,
David Kessler
Baiba Strads