Primary Sources: The Sunday Times Digital Archive

The Library recently acquired access to the full text digitized content of the Sunday Times Digital Archive, 1822-2006.

The Sunday Times is a distinct newspaper with no editorial connection to The Times (London). Accessible on the same platform as The Times Digital Archive, this resource has the same basic and advanced search features (see the previous blog post). If you prefer to search both newspapers simultaneously, use the link to the Gale News Vault on the basic search screen. This gives you access to both publications, plus additional newspaper content subscribed to by The Library.

Primary Sources: The Times Digital Archive

The Times Digital Archive was recently upgraded to include content from 1986-2006, and now includes every complete page of every issue of  The Times (London) from 1785 to 2006.

Search tips:

  • Use Advanced Search to search for keywords in the title, author, or entire story. 
  • Advanced Search allows you to limit your search to a broad (News, Business) or narrow (Display Advertising, Deaths) category of story. 
  • “Fuzzy search” in Advanced Search allows you to locate a word or words within works despite imperfect matches in spelling between the searched term and document content (and possible OCR errors). The Low setting will slightly expand your search results to include very near matches on your term(s) and the High setting will expand your results to include very broad matches on your term(s). 
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases. 
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for variations of a word: A search on carib* finds Carib, Caribs, Carribbean, caribe, caribou. 
  • Use an exclamation point (!) to substitute for a letter in a word: A search on colo!r finds color and colour. 
  • The Browse by Date option lets you find an individual issue of the newspaper and view the articles page by page. 

An impressive feature of this resource is the ability to move easily from the article view to a page view with an accompanying list of articles on that page, to a browsable list of pages in the issue. Marking the items will allow you to save the citations for download, printing or emailing. Printing or downloading the articles should be done from the article view screen.

ERF Update – December 2012

Current number of records in the ERF: 1081

ADDED since last update

DELETED since last update

  • Directory of History Journals
  • History Cooperative
  • Latin American Studies (CD Rom)
  • Multidata Online (subscription cancelled)
  • Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers (CD Rom)
  • TLS, the Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive (old interface discontinued)
  • Treasures from the Film Archives (now searchable via FIAF)
  • World Trade Analyzer (CD Rom)
  • Subject: British Studies

CHANGES since last update

Interested in building your knowledge and skills in program evaluation?

Check out the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s online module!

This online module has been developed to support practitioners, managers and researchers in the evaluation of health and health research initiatives (including knowledge translation).

A key aim of this module is to develop capacity to conduct evaluation to support evidence-informed action.

The module has five sections:

  • Section 1: Evaluation: A Brief Overview
  • Section 2: Getting Started (preliminary work)
  • Section 3: Designing an Evaluation (developing an evaluation plan)
  • Section 4: Special Issues in Evaluation (ethical, conceptual and logistical issues)
  • Section 5: Resources (glossary, checklist and evaluation templates)

A number of resources are available in this online module, including:

  • Evaluation Checklist: questions to consider when developing and assessing an evaluation plan
  • Evaluation Planning Matrix (Appendix A)
  • Sample Evaluation Planning Matrix (Appendix B): a completed matrix for reference

For more info, check out: Evaluation module: CIHR resource. Please let me know if you find this tool useful!

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As of last Monday (Dec. 3), Moffitt Library and Gardner Stacks (in Doe Library) began extended hours for RRR Week and Finals Week. Those libraries will remain open continuously until Friday, December 14 at 7pm.

The Moffitt Microcomputer Lab and the Free Speech Movement Cafe will also be open round the clock for that period. Coffee and studying go together!