Interested in building your knowledge and skills in program evaluation?

Check out the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s online module!

This online module has been developed to support practitioners, managers and researchers in the evaluation of health and health research initiatives (including knowledge translation).

A key aim of this module is to develop capacity to conduct evaluation to support evidence-informed action.

The module has five sections:

  • Section 1: Evaluation: A Brief Overview
  • Section 2: Getting Started (preliminary work)
  • Section 3: Designing an Evaluation (developing an evaluation plan)
  • Section 4: Special Issues in Evaluation (ethical, conceptual and logistical issues)
  • Section 5: Resources (glossary, checklist and evaluation templates)

A number of resources are available in this online module, including:

  • Evaluation Checklist: questions to consider when developing and assessing an evaluation plan
  • Evaluation Planning Matrix (Appendix A)
  • Sample Evaluation Planning Matrix (Appendix B): a completed matrix for reference

For more info, check out: Evaluation module: CIHR resource. Please let me know if you find this tool useful!