Digital Public Library of America is launched

“In its first iteration, the DPLA will combine a group of rich, interesting digital collections, from state and regional digital archives to the special collections of major university libraries and federal holdings. The DPLA will demonstrate how powerful and exciting it can be to bring together our nation’s digitized materials, metadata (including catalog records, for instance), code, and digital tools and services into an open, shared resource. Imagine the ability to access a vastly larger set of materials than ever before, both through a single web portal and through your local library, which has carefully curated a subset of the national database.”

From “What is the DPLA?” (John Palfrey, Library Journal, April 8, 2013)

 Here is the new site:

 A recent article by Robert Darnton in the New York Review of Books describes the creation and future of the DPLA.

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