Primary Sources: Translated Texts for Historians E-Library

The Library has recently acquired the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library from Liverpool University Press. This resource currently includes 72 titles produced between 300-800 C.E. translated into English from Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian, and Old Irish.  The geographic range covers Syria, Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Egypt in the East; North Africa; major cities of the Roman Empire (Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople); and Spain, Gaul, Italy, Britain and Ireland in the West. Each work includes an introduction setting the text into context, and annotations on content, interpretation, and debates.

Primary Sources: Patrologia Orientalis Database (POD)

The corpus of patristic texts from the Christian East published in the Patrologia Orientalis series are now available online through the Patrologia Orientalis Database (POD). The full contents of the series, which began in 1903, contains content relevant to hagiography, canon law, theology, liturgy, and history. Primary texts in original languages of Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Georgian, Greek, Latin, Slavonic, and Syriac are represented with side-by-side translations in English, French, Greek, and Latin.

The full-text translations are searchable in the language into which the text was translated in the Patrologia Orientalis and the reader can check the translation with the original text visible alongside as a non-searchable PDF file. The interface allows for browsing of works as well as searching, and specific passages retrieved via search may be downloaded in PDF format.