$1 Book Sale — April 13 — NEW LOCATION

Cal Day at UC Berkeley
Saturday, April 13
9am – 3pm
180 Doe Library NEW LOCATION

The 4,000+ books in 180 Doe will be offered for $1 each.  Most books are fresh – that is, they have not been offered for sale before.  You will find some surprisingly attractive books in the room.  I hope that many move from the Library’s shelves to yours.
The Doe Library building will open at 9am on the day of the sale.  The best place to wait, if you plan to arrive in advance, is at the south entrance to Doe.  Right at 9am I’ll walk over to room 180 with those who have been waiting in line.  I’ll ask that everyone maintains his or her place in the line.

Scanners are permitted for those who require an electronic second opinion.  Hoarding books for subsequent leisurely review, however, is not.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you there,
Dirk Kennedy