Primary Sources: Foreign Office Files for the Middle East

The Library has acquired the first module of the online resource Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, which covers 1971-1974: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the Oil Crisis. Two additional modules, 1975-1978: The Lebanese Civil War and the Camp David Accords and 1979-1981: The Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War will be added by early 2017.

The content is sourced from the British Government records at the UK National Archives. The following Foreign and Commonwealth Office file classes are included in their entirety:

  • FCO 8/1552-4276, The Arabian and Middle East Department
  • FCO 9/1353-3353, The Southern European Department
  • FCO 17/1374-1798, The Eastern Department
  • FCO 39/768-1282, The North and East African Department
  • FCO 67/427-808, The Commodities and Oil Department
  • FCO 93/4-2658, The Near East and North Africa Department

Selections from the Prime Minister’s Office files (PREM) and Defence Intelligence files (DEFE) are also included.