Resource: Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale (BCM)

A new database acquired from Brepolis is the Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale (Bibliography of Medieval Civilisation) (BCM) which indexes monographs and miscellanies as well as book reviews. It complements and can be simultaneously searched with the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB).

BCM originated in the printed bibliography published in the Cahiers de civilisation médiévale between 1958 and 2009, Initially dedicated to the High Middle Ages, its scope has broadened to cover Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages (300-1500). Continued selection and indexing of sources for the BCM is carried out at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale. Bibliographic entries reflect the language of the original work, but the indexing of subjects and locations is in English.

In addition to standard limiters such as publication date and language, the Advanced Search option allows you to narrow your search to an academic discpline, geographic area, and range of centuries. UC-eLinks is enabled to facilitate retrieval of subscribed online sources.