Primary Sources: ProQuest Regulatory Insight

The Library has recently acquired ProQuest Regulatory Insight, which contains administrative law histories organized by public law. Created as a companion product to Legislative Insight, Regulatory Insight reveals what happens after a law is passed — what rulemaking process is undertaken to implement the law. It provides regulatory histories compiled by editors that bring together the various rules and notices associated with a specific public law.

This resource is still being developed and additional content will be added throughout 2016. Currently it includes:

  • ProQuest Regulatory Histories for Public Laws enacted from 2001-2015**
  • Federal Register documents for 2001-present*
  • Code of Federal Regulations from 2001-2015*

The database can be searched by keyword, but more precise results are retrieved if you search using a Federal Register or Code of Federal Regulations citation. You can also search by Public Law number, Statutes at Large citation, U.S. Code citation, Regulation Identifier Number, and agency docket number.