Resource: Russian Politics Web Archive

In light of recent events in Russia, UCLA has published its latest collection of archived web pages on Russian politics. Among the pages are “captures of Boris Nemtsov’s blog and of the reports he researched and wrote about corruption and mismanagement at the highest levels of government.  Nemtsov was a prominent opposition political leader who was killed last Friday not far from Red Square.” [source]

The archived sites are in Russian, but the interface is in English.

Richmond Instruction: Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, WorldCat class

Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 10am-11:00am
Bldg. C, Room 136
850 Marina Bay Parkway, Richmond, CA


RSVP by Tuesday, March 10th to Michael Sholinbeck at or (510) 642-2510.
Please obtain your supervisor’s approval before you RSVP.


Supervisors: Please encourage your staff to attend if appropriate.

Do you know:

* That you can limit a search in Google to a particular domain (eg, .gov or .org) or even to a particular website (eg,

* What is and is not included in Google search products?

* That you can import citations directly from Google Scholar into EndNote?

* That you can perform cited reference searching in Google Scholar?

* That you can create a profile in Google Scholar, and save citations there?

* That Google Books allows you to read or preview books online?

* That WorldCat lets you search for books and more in over 10,000 libraries?

If you’ve answered “No” to any of these questions, then please come to the Sheldon Margen Public Health Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, WorldCat class!

Topics covered will include:
1. Google search products: what is in them?
2. Search tips
3. Setting preferences
4. Creating a profile in Google Scholar
5. Cited reference searching
6. Shortcomings of using Google for research
7. How Google Books and WorldCat link to each other

These training sessions are free to CDPH employees. A certificate of completion will be available for those who attend the class.

A schedule of other upcoming training sessions is available here.

NOW ON TRIAL: Incidence and Prevalence Database

IPD: Incidence and Prevalence Database is the most efficient way to look at the world’s epidemiology data.

The database covers over 4,500 diseases, procedures, symptoms and other health issues for incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, comorbidity, treated or diagnosed rates, cost and much more.  Updated monthly, all data are linked to the primary source.  Sources include medical journals, trade journals, audits, on-line databases, registries, and market investment reports.

Our trial runs from February 2 through March 6, 2015.

Please send comments and feedback to Debbie Jan.

NOW ON TRIAL: GIDEON: Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Network

Updated on a continuous basis, Gideon is a great resource for global infectious diseases, including worldwide distribution, disease outbreak information, and surveys.  The Infectious Diseases module has 5 sections: Diagnosis, Diseases, Travel, Drugs, and Vaccines.  The Microbiology module covers Bacteria, Mycobacteria, and Yeasts.  Content comes from peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts of major international meetings, and other gray literature.


Our trial runs from January 23rd to March 6th.


Please send your comments and feedback to Debbie Jan.

Berkeley’s Ivory Tower: The Campanile at 100

Campanile with the Big C in the background, UARC PIC 08:205, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Sather Tower, also known as the Campanile, looms large both as a physical structure and as the most widely recognized symbol of the Berkeley campus. A new Bancroft Library exhibition celebrates the centennial of the landmark with photographs, letters, architectural drawings, illustrations, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and other holdings from the University Archives and The Bancroft Library manuscript and pictorial collections.

The exhibit includes a timeline of the tower’s construction and history, documenting the repairs, improvements and additions to the Campanile as well as important events. Background information about the benefactors, Peder and Jane Sather, the master architect John Galen Howard, and the carillon are also on display.

When: February 16 – November 2, 2015; Open for viewing during regular Doe Library hours.
Where: Rowell Cases, 2nd floor corridor between Doe and Bancroft