Event: Portugal’s Carnation Revolution Exhibit & Reception

April 25, 1974 was at once an ending and a beginning. First and foremost it was the end of the Estado Novo dictatorial regime and the beginning of Portugal’s democratic process. With materials from the University Library’s Portuguese collection, this exhibition commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the country’s bloodless military coup and transition from dictatorship to democracy. When the population descended into Lisbon’s streets to celebrate, soldiers put carnations in the barrels of their guns and tanks, signaling that there would be no violence. A poem by Ary dos Santos -the poet of the revolution – translated here for the first time into English, weaves throughout the exhibit cases along with dazzlingly radiant reproductions of artwork by António Pimentel (whose illustrations accompanied the first edition published in 1975) and black and white images by documentary photographers such as Alfredo Cunha and Carlos Gil.

The exhibit will be in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery at Doe Memorial Library through September 2, 2014. Check www.library.berkeley.edu for hours.


Thursday, April 24, 2014, 5:30pm in the Morrison Library (Doe Memorial Library)

Sponsored by the Portuguese Studies Program, Institute of European Studies, and the UC Berkeley Library.