Publishing opportunity: Call for reviewers

I am passing on this notification I received:


The Canadian Historical Review is currently seeking book reviewers.

The Canadian Historical Review uses a bilingual online peer review system called PRESTO where authors, peer reviewers, and book reviewers can submit articles, evaluations, and book reviews online. PRESTO streamlines the publication process providing an easy-to-use and effective system for authors, reviewers, and editors alike.

Interested reviewers should visit to register. Please include your name, status, affiliation and fields of research when entering your information.

For detailed information on writing a book review for Canadian Historical Review, please consult the Authors/Reviews section at

What Berkeley Borrowed 2011-12 (Corrected)

We’re slowly building an archive of reports to help selectors assess their collections. In the past, seeing a list of what Berkeley patrons borrowed has been helpful in identifying collection gaps.

Thanks to help from Interlibrary Services, a list of titles Berkeley borrowed fy 2011-12 is now available in an Excel file, This is a big file, so click on the link “VDX-Berkeley” and then wait for a bit (plus a bit more, since you’ll think it isn’t doing anything.)

This list includes items borrowed from other UC’s and from other OCLC libraries, and therefore accounts for the majority of what we borrow. We have asked Stanford to send us titles that Berkeley borrowed via RLCP online, and we’ll let you know via blog when that data becomes available. We have learned that no data is kept on titles we borrow direct from NRLF. What we borrow from University of Texas and through ALA forms, etc. constitute only a handful of transactions that don’t benefit us enough to do the work to get and compile.

As you look at this list, please remember that per UC policy, Interlibrary Borrowing does borrow some items that Berkeley owns, in cases where Berkeley’s copy is unavailable at the time of the request. So please recheck our holdings on any possible candidates for purchase.

If you have any questions or comments on this data, please email me at