Hathi Trust Update

Hathi Trust’s June newsletter has some items you might find interesting:

Lynne Grigsby reports that Systems has successfully loaded ~1.5 million bib records to OskiCat for titles in Hathi that are in the public domain.


Kathleen Gallagher to serve on Collections Budget Group

I’m very pleased to announce that beginning July 1, Kathleen Gallagher has agreed to join the Collections Budget Group as the Fund Coordinator for the Arts & Humanities Group.

Kathleen’s experience and flexibility in helping the Library address new challenges and opportunities make her an excellent candidate for CBG.  Her work on CSC, the consortial PDA position paper, the CDC journal evaluation project, and the Library Services Model self-study team have demonstrated Kathleen’s broad and deep understanding of collection development issues and her ability to take a library-wide perspective.

Claude Potts, who has served as the A&H Fund Coordinator, will take over from Jim Spohrer, to become the Fund Coordinator for International and Area Studies.

 I welcome Kathleen to CBG and thank Claude for his willingness to take on a new Fund Coordinator role.

Best, Bernie

New ENVI exhibit on “Tools of the Trade”


A new exhibit at the Environmental Design Library features items that help a designer carry out the day-to-day tasks of becoming and then practicing as an architect, landscape architect, or planner. The exhibit, which will be on display through September 4, presents ways in which objects were used for learning and teaching design, from shade and shape to perspective and shadow. It also provides a detailed glimpse into the practice of a father-daughter architecture office of the early 20th century, in order to see the application of these tools. Visit during ENVI’s open hours.


PhiloBiblon volumen 2012 n. 4 (julio)

Nos es muy grato anunciar que el volumen 2012 n. 4 (julio) de PhiloBiblon ya está en la web: http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/philobiblon/.

Recuerden que pueden seguir PhiloBiblon en Twitter y Facebook:



Actualmente BETA tiene 32.983 registros; BITAGAP, 65.632 ; y BITECA, 31.434.

Para BETA la campaña de esta primavera se ha centrado en las bibliotecas madrileñas. Entre los MSS importantes que ya han sido descritos completamente destacan los siguientes:

BNE MSS/691 (manid 1096, 5191). MS facticio con textos legales que perteneció al jurisconsulto Alonso de Cota en Toledo a finales del s. XV. Ofrece fragmentos de textos sapienciales en los espacios dejados en blanco

BNE RES/9 y VITR/15/7 Alfonso XI, Ordenamiento de Alcalá de Henares de 1348. Dos MSS de extraordinaria belleza, escritos e iluminados por el escribano real Nicolás González, uno al final del reinado de Alfonso XI y el otro al comienzo del de  Pedro I (manid 2826, 3813)

BNE VITR/4/6 MS de todas las Siete partidas que perteneció a los Reyes Católicos

BNE VITR/5/9 Auto de los reyes magos (manid 1193)

BNE VITR/5/10 MS Osuna del Libro de Alexandre (manid 1408)

BNE VITR/6/1 MS Toledo del Libro de buen amor (manid 1469)

BNE VITR/17/10 Fuero juzgo MS del s. XIII (manid 4458)

BNE VITR/26/13 Coplas de Mingo Revulgo en un MS coetáneo con su composición (manid 1240)

RAE MS 19 MS Gayoso del Libro de buen amor (manid 2125)

RAE MS 293 Fuero juzgo, escrito 1289-03-28, con colofón en cifra

En días sucesivos añadiremos noticias de BITECA y BITAGAP.



Charles B. Faulhaber

Ángel Gómez Moreno

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Arthur L-F. Askins

Harvey L. Sharrer

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