Ordering E-Books

Individual Orders via GOBI.  Jim Gordon reports that the Acquisition Department’s Order Unit has renewed a pilot to test our ability to order ebooks via GOBI and perform follow-up processing. Selectors can begin selecting e-monographs on GOBI in the same way that they currently select print monographs, by applying an order template and selecting the title.  Order Unit staff will retrieve e-monograph order on the selection list and process the orders.  During the pilot, the e-book order option is only available for NetLibrary or Ebrary titles.


Package Orders.  A new e-resource order form has been developed for all electronic journal, database, backset and ebook package orders.  That form will interface with FootPrints and allow selectors to track their orders through the entire workflow from initial order, through licensing, acquisition, access activation and cataloging.  The form will be introduced at three selector workshops scheduled for May 25 (9-10:30am), May 26 (10:30-12N) and June 2 (10:30-12N), all to be held in Doe Library 251.

Evaluation.  Collections Council has approved a set of guidelines for purchasing ebook packages. When evaluating an ebook package (title-by-title or pre-selected) for purchase, selectors should confirm that the publisher or vendor meets these requirements.  The Ebook Package Checklist for Selectors” is on the Electronic Resources Toolkit Dana Jemison is working with members of the digital acquisitions group to revise this toolkit to make it more user-friendly.