Collections Services Defined

Since September 2010, I have been working with Collection Development, Scholarly Communications, Licensing, Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Preservation,  and have found it very useful to think of these as a single management entity. This has encouraged me to find the best balance of all our efforts to ensure that we get content to our users in the most direct and efficient manner.

After consultation with my unit heads, Library ADMIN and Collections Council, I have formalized this arrangement. See a new document, Collection Services Defined, which is “filed” on the Collections Services staff-side web.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have about this new arrangement.

Best regards, Bernie

New Collections Working Group: Materials that are Acquired Digitally

The Digital Collections Task Force Report (August 2009) highlighted the need for new procedures and infrastructures in the Library to support the building of digital collections. I have charged a working group to focus on content that is delivered digitally, often as an email attachment or download from the Internet (e.g. documents, images, audio/video files).  The charge also includes digital material delivered on a physical device (e.g., CD, DVD, flash drive, external hard drive) where these files are then downloaded to a server. 

The group will propose workflows that cover ordering, licensing, payment, cataloging/metadata creation, preservation and technical standards that we should be using.  An important part of this work will be defining roles and responsibilities and reasonable turnaround times.

Lynne Grigsby will serve as chair, drawing on the expertise of Cheryl Cook, Harrison Dekker, Mary Elings, Gary Handman, Jean McKenzie, and Trina Pundurs.

This is a big project. I’ve asked for an interim report by February 15, 2011.

Best regards, Bernie

Update on library binding

Due to staffing shortages, shelving units and Cataloging have sent fewer volumes than usual for binding thus far in FY 09/10. On a one-time basis, the surplus in funds allocated to binding arising from this situation has been redirected to preservation filming of backfiles of newspapers and bridging the current deficit in book and journal acquisition funds.