A Bloomsday Reading List


Bloomday 2018

June 16, 1904 is a famous date in the literary world—the single day over which James Joyce’s epic 20th century novel Ulysses unfolds. Annually on June 16th (known affectionately as “Bloomsday” after Ulysses’s protagonist Leopold Bloom), literary fans in places like Philadelphia, Trieste, and of course, Dublin gather together to celebrate Joyce’s prolific novel. Join in the celebrations by exploring the literary colossus of Ulysses.

Start by reading the text itself, along with the works produced to make it a little more manageable:

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A Celebration of Irish Literature

Irish Literature
by Taylor Follett

To many people, March 17th means a day where they get to wear green and drink Guinness. To us at the library, however, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Irish literature.

When you hear Irish literature, you’re probably thinking of books such as these:

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