December’s New Books in Art History

Check out these new books and e-books in Art History.  Click the links below for their records in UC Library Search.

 Love for Sale                                                            Material Inspirations                                                Tiepolo

Feminist Visual Activism…                                       Gatecrashers                                               Anxiety, Angst, Anguish

You Can Crush the Flowers                                       Art Work                                                                 Shaping the World

October’s New Art Books

Check out these new materials in Art History, located in the Main Stacks of Doe Library. Click the titles to view their catalog records.

Communist Visual Cultures                                  Under the Skin                                                     Anatomica

Going There                                                                  Truth Bomb                                                     James Prosek

Consuming Painting                                                    Arthur Jeffress                                              Dead or Alive!


New Books in Art History for October

Check out these new materials in Art History, located in the Main Stacks of Doe Library. Click the titles to view their catalog records.


Making Strange                                             The Art of Sculpture in 15th Century Italy                  Ithell Colquhoun

The Mobility of People and Things…                 Printing the Revolution                          Invitadas

Dematerialization                                           Embodying Relation                            La Storia dell’arte dopo l’autocoscienza

June: New eBooks in Art History

Check out these new e-resources for Art History in the library collections.  Click the title links for more information.

Soviet Salvage                                              Curating Islamic Art Worldwide                                 Conditions of Visibility

Body Space and Place…                                  The Art Museum Redefined                           Addressing the Other Woman

Landscape Painting in Revolutionary France            Landscapes into Eco Art                        Toward Fewer Images

Histórias das mulheres, histórias feministas.

Check out this new catalogue with curation by UC Berkeley Art History faculty Julia Bryan-Wilson.

HIstorias das mulheres


From Oskicat:

“The book brings together the catalogs of two exhibitions organized in a complementary, parallel and articulated way in MASP: “Histórias das mulheres: artistas até 1900” (Stories of women: artists until 1900), curated by Julia Bryan -Wilson, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz and Mariana Leme, and “Histórias feministas: artistas depois de 2000″ (Feminist Stories: artists after 2000), curated by Isabella Rjeille. The juxtaposition of two shows with distinct scopes in a single publication allows us to establish dialogues between productions of distant times, and to understand how the unfolding of these productions from one temporal arc to another occurs. In recent years, MASP has been undertaking a pioneering effort to include women’s works both in its collection and in its programming, a path also trodden by other institutions around the world. The museum’s program during 2019 is dedicated to women artists, and this publication, alongside the anthology of accompanying texts, is the culmination of this effort.”

New Publication by Art History Faculty Imogen Hart, Editor.

Check out this new publication edited by Art History Faculty member Imogen Hart, available as an e-resource through the online catalog.

Sculpture and the Decorative in Britain and Europe

From Bloomsbury:

“By foregrounding the overlaps between sculpture and the decorative, this volume of essays offers a model for a more integrated form of art history writing. Through distinct case studies, from a seventeenth-century Danish altarpiece to contemporary British ceramics, it brings to centre stage makers, objects, concepts and spaces that have been marginalized by the enforcement of boundaries within art and design discourse. These essays challenge the classed, raced and gendered categories that have structured the histories and languages of art and its making. Sculpture and the Decorative in Britain and Europe is essential reading for anyone interested in the history and practice of sculpture and the decorative arts and the methodologies of art history.”

New Publication by Art History Faculty Anneka Lenssen

Check out the new publication by Anneka Lenssen, UC Berkeley Associate Professor of Global Modern Art, with UC Berkeley’s Oski Express.

Beautiful Agitation: Modern Painting and Politics in Syria by Anneka Lenssen

From University of California Press:

“In modern Syria, a contested territory at the intersection of differing regimes of political representation, artists ventured to develop strikingly new kinds of painting to link their images to life forces and agitated energies. Examining the works of artists Kahlil Gibran, Adham Ismail, and Fateh al-Moudarres, Beautiful Agitation explores how painters in Syria activated the mutability of form to rethink relationships of figure to ground, outward appearance to inner presence, and self to world. Drawing on archival materials in Syria and beyond, Anneka Lenssen reveals new trajectories of painterly practice in a twentieth century defined by shifting media technologies, moving populations, and the imposition of violently enforced nation-state borders. The result is a study of Arab modernism that foregrounds rather than occludes efforts to agitate against imposed identities and intersubjective relations.”


New E-Resources for February: Black History Month

February is Black History Month! Be sure to check out new Art History  e-resources available through Oskicat.  Click on the links below the images to view them in the library catalog.

African American Arts                           Art for People’s Sake                                  Beauford Delaney and James Baldwin

Building the Black Arts Movement                                Elizabeth Catlett                   The Image of the Black in Western Art


The Romare Bearden Reader                          The Roots of the Black Chicago Renaissance                    To Describe a Life


December’s New E-Resources in Art History

Here is a sampling of  new titles for Art History available as ebooks through the UC Berkeley Library.  Click the links to their Oskicat records and check them out.

Plastic Capitalism                                             The Politics of Taste                                                   Afterimages

Popularisation and Populism…                             Asking the Audience                            Aesthetics of the Familiar

In Land                                                                     Nonaligned Modernism                            Futures of the Contemporary

October’s New Art History E-Books

Here is a sampling of  new titles for Art History available as ebooks through the UC Berkeley Library.  Click the links to their Oskicat records and check them out.

Transcendence                                             Vanished Smile                                               The Place of Many Moods

Yumeji Modern                                        Art and Myth of the Ancient Maya                              Technologies of Critique

Cosmos and Community…                                  Enduring Truths                              Contemporary Art and Unforgetting…