Histórias das mulheres, histórias feministas.

Check out this new catalogue with curation by UC Berkeley Art History faculty Julia Bryan-Wilson.

HIstorias das mulheres


From Oskicat:

“The book brings together the catalogs of two exhibitions organized in a complementary, parallel and articulated way in MASP: “Histórias das mulheres: artistas até 1900” (Stories of women: artists until 1900), curated by Julia Bryan -Wilson, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz and Mariana Leme, and “Histórias feministas: artistas depois de 2000″ (Feminist Stories: artists after 2000), curated by Isabella Rjeille. The juxtaposition of two shows with distinct scopes in a single publication allows us to establish dialogues between productions of distant times, and to understand how the unfolding of these productions from one temporal arc to another occurs. In recent years, MASP has been undertaking a pioneering effort to include women’s works both in its collection and in its programming, a path also trodden by other institutions around the world. The museum’s program during 2019 is dedicated to women artists, and this publication, alongside the anthology of accompanying texts, is the culmination of this effort.”