Primary Sources: TROVE

Produced by the National Library of Australia, TROVE serves as a portal for digital collections as well as a depository for digital content.

What you can find in TROVE:

  • digitized Australian newspapers with holdings dating back to 1803 and up to 1954 (though a few date later) 
  • books and other print materials
  • journal articles 
  • theses and data sets to give you an insight into Australia’s research effor
  • objects 
  • photographs and artworks 
  • music, both printed and recorded, and 
  • videos 
  • the full text of the Australian Women’s Weekly from 1933 to 1982 
  • archived copies of selected Australian websites from 1996 to the present 
  • collected information about people and organisations 
  • lists of resources created by other Trove users