Featured Book: Teaching History in the Digital Age by T. Mills Kelly

A new acquisition in the library is Teaching History in the Digital Age by T. Mills Kelly. The book will soon be available in the new books area of the Moffitt Library Lobby [D16.255.C65 K45 2013], but is also available in a free Creative Commons licensed web version.

The book is marketed as a guide for practitioners, but I encourage students to take a look at it, especially the chapters on finding sources and evaluating them. Kelly does an excellent job of articulating how radically the universe of available resources has expanded within the last twenty years and how that offers both opportunities and challenges to students of history.

For more information, see Lincoln Mullen’s recent review of the book in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Library of Congress Subject Headings of Interest

Library of Congress Subject Headings continue to change and evolve, sometimes in most interesting ways. They often serve as social commentary, historical milestones, and, sometimes, entertainment.

Here are six that are in the spirit of recently passed legislation (with the overall topic first):

Same-sex marriage (May Subdivide Geographically)  — established in 1992

Etiquette for gay men (May Subd. Geog.)  — est. 1995

Gay adoption (May Subd. Geog.)  — est. 2004

Gay and lesbian dance parties (May Subd. Geog.)  — est. 2005

Mattachine Society  — est. 1988

Wedding costume (May Subd. Geog.)  — est. 1986


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Tout Voltaire


This new database from ARTFL is a fully-searchable corpus of all of Voltaire’s writings. Included in Tout Voltaire are all of his works apart from his correspondence, which can be searched separately, as part of the subscription-based Electronic Enlightenment. This research tool is made available free of charge by the Voltaire Foundation (University of Oxford) and the ARTFL Project (University of Chicago).