Toxicological Resources class

NOTE: Date and room location change for this class:

*When: (New Date) Friday, June 21, 2013, 10-11 am
(was on Wednesday, June 19)

*Where: (New Place) CDPH Richmond Campus, Building C, Room 136
(was in C Room 140)

Do you:

* Want to find basic information on substances, such as
properties, manufacturing & use, methods of analysis?

* Need to find literature and data on pesticides,
drugs, industrial chemicals, or other substances?

* Want to explore relationships between job tasks,
exposure to toxic agents, and health effects?

* Want to learn about a tool to assist first responders
at hazardous material incidents?

* Want to know the potential toxic effects of the
ingredients in common household products, from
shampoo to brake fluid?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then
please come to the Sheldon Margen Public Health
Library’s Toxicological Resources class!

Topics covered will include:

1. Online peer-reviewed databases with basic
information on substances

2. Using bibliographic databases to find journal
articles on chemicals, drugs, additives, etc.

3. Job-related exposures and their health effects

4. How to find out what?s in common household products

and more.

Class: Toxicological Resources class
*When: (New Date) Friday, June 21, 2013, 10-11 am
*Where: (New Place) CDPH Richmond Campus, Building C, Room 136

RSVP by Monday, June 17th to Michael Sholinbeck at or (510) 642-2510.

Class Objective:
To introduce or remind CDPH staff of quality toxicological
resources that are free online. These resources will help
you analysis and research the toxic effects and other
properties of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other

These training sessions are free to CDPH employees.
Please obtain your supervisor’s approval to attend.

Supervisors: Please encourage your staff to attend
if appropriate.

A schedule of other upcoming training sessions is
available for you.

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