Event: Bancroft Round Table

The second Bancroft Round Table of the Spring Semester will take place on the first full day of Spring, Thursday, March 21 at noon in the Lewis-Latimer Room of the Faculty Club.  Adrianne Francisco, Ph.D. candidate in the UC Berkeley Department of History and Bancroft Study Award recipient will speak on “Between Home and Empire: Filipino Students at UC Berkeley, 1904-1934.”

This talk offers a brief social history of the Filipino pensionados at UC Berkeley between 1903 and 1916. Pensionados were students sent to the United States for university training by the Philippine government from 1903-1940. The presentation explores pensionados‘ encounter with empire at Berkeley, their visions of home and exile, and their efforts to negotiate Americanization and U.S. imperialism.

This is the second recent Bancroft Round Table about Philippine education. Two years ago, Funie Hsu spoke on U.S. colonial policy of English instruction in the Philippines.  This complementary talk instead focuses on the experiences of Filipino students who came to this country.  With so many Berkeley professors active in the Philippines after the American acquisition, Bancrofts collections abound with material about the American hegemony in the Philippines. Ms. Francisco has worked hard using University Archives materials to shed light on the reciprocal experience.  Please join us for this talk which will shed further light on the intimate and uneasy relationship that has bound the peoples of both nations together since the end of the nineteenth century. 
David Kessler
Baiba Strads