New Library Subject Pages

Some of you may have already noticed that the three subject home pages for the Romance Language Collections have gradually taken on a new look and feel this fall. This is part of an effort in the Doe/Moffitt Libraries to transform the functionality of the former static html pages. While the content may appear the same, open-source Library à la Carte software, developed at Oregon State University enables us to quickly update the content and repurpose some of the content modules to create dynamic library course guides such as French 142AC: the Cultures of Franco-America, French 102: Writing in French, Italian 5B, and Spanish 107: Survey of Spanish Literature .

When you have time, please take a look at some of the new subject home pages and send us some feedback on how they might better serve your needs:

French Studies

Italian Studies

Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Each subject home page includes a description of the collection, a list of key reference sources in all formats, a list of specialized research tools, direct links to records in OskiCat, pointers to some of the major digital resources in each subject area, related library guides and bibliographies, new acquisitions lists,  a means of submitting purchase recommendations, and a dynamic feed of this very blog you’re reading now!

You can view the complete list of subject guides and course guides authored with Library à la Carte.