Government & Statistics Online Reference Services

Need some help with research on finding statistics, federal or state legislation, human rights, census data, state budgets and more?

With the start of the Fall Semester, you can chat with expert Government Documents staff via Government Information IM Reference, available Tuesdays-Thursdays, 1-5pm through September. Look for expanded hours in October.

You can also add “ucgovinfo” as a friend/buddy in your IM account to access this service directly.

Another option is the very popular Ask A Librarian About Government Information e-mail reference service. You can send in your research questions anytime to this e-mail service. Responses are usually within 1-2 days.

Open Access Day @ Berkeley

Open Access is a growing international movement based on the principle that publicly funded research should be freely accessible online, immediately upon publication. Find out more about open access and how to throw open the locked doors that once hid knowledge at a special, international event sponsored by the Free Speech Movement Educational Series, the UC Berkeley Library and the Berkeley chapter of the Students for Free Culture:

Tuesday, October 14
6:30pm – 8:30pm
FSM Café, Moffitt Library

Featuring Professors Michael Eisen (UCB), Philip Bourne (UCSD) and student videos. Free food and drink! Prizes and giveaways! Find out more about open access at: Hot Topics: Open Access and at Open Access Day.

Web SciFinder Scholar arrives

The SciFinder Scholar Web Edition has arrived! To use the web version, you must register to establish your own userid and password, but you don’t need to download any client software. For off-campus access, you can use the library proxy server or the campus VPN. The client version will also continue to be supported. One plus with the web version is that you can set up current awareness searches, which SciFinder calls “Keep Me Posted.” Instructions for UCB registration are here. After you register and have your userid and password, you can go directly to the web version.