Bolivia: Select new books at Doe Library!

One of the joys of collecting Latin American books for the library is to be able to build strong collections that are dedicated to Andean Studies. Bolivia being an Andean country remains on our priority list for future collection building. In this batch of new books, one can see several interesting titles that relate to culture, literature, politics, and history of Bolivia. One can click on the album below to get access to the images of different books. One book that won the national prize of poetry in 2017 is Masochistics by César Antezana Lima. The other book that is on the topics of geopolitics and the reconfiguration of international relations is El desembarco chino en América Latina y su manifestación en bolivia.  Besides these two books,  the other book that deals with the indigenous people of Bolivia is “APOLOBAMBA INDÍGENA“. All these books represent an important mosaic of multicultural Bolivia.

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Books from Bolivia at Doe Library, Fall 2019.