CRL-Global Press Archive Alliance Makes First In-Copyright Collection Available

CRL Announcement (Source: Judy Alspach, email dated 20 May 2020)

CRL and East View Information Services have launched the first in-copyright collection of titles digitized under the Global Press Archive (GPA) CRL Charter Alliance. Complementing the collection of Middle East and North African Newspapers released in January 2020, the new in-copyright collection of Middle East Newspapers will be available to all CRL members and those NERL institutions supporting the Alliance.

The in-copyright collection of Middle East Newspapers will ultimately include five important titles from the region:

  • al-Jumhūrīyah (Cairo, Egypt) (الجمهورية), a state-owned paper covering the years 1962–1990;
  • Filasṭīn (Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel) (فلسطين), an Arabic-language Palestinian newspaper (1956–1967);
  • al-Dustūr (Amman, Jordan) (الدستور), a successor to Filasṭīn and al-Manar following the Six Day War (1967–2000);
  • al-Riyadh (الرياض), a pro-government independent paper published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1969–1996);
  • al-Akhbar (Beirut, Lebanon) (الاخبار), a contemporary “progressive” newspaper still in publication in Lebanon (2006–2019).

Titles for this collection were assessed and validated by MEMP members who volunteered to act as a selection group. CRL and the GPA Advisory Committee express their thanks to MEMP for its expert evaluation. In-copyright titles will live alongside the open access MENA titles at the link above. In-copyright titles will display a “lock” symbol to users outside IP authentication – CRL members & patrons will need to access via IP authentication (i.e. proxy) to see these titles. Non-CRL members may inquire about access directly with East View.

An announcement about this collection launch is available on CRL’s website at