Trial of the Russian Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL) Database

We currently have set up a thirty-day trial of the Russian Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL) Database created and hosted by East View Information Services. This database includes full-text access to the collection, including several dozen publications covering military and security developments in Russia from both official and independent sources. All branches of the armed forces are covered by this collection, including the Russian Air Force, Army, and Navy. In addition to journals and newspapers published in Moscow, UDB-MIL presents imprints from military districts and some armies and divisions. More importantly, the collection includes several vital English-language sources on the Soviet and now Russian militaries.

The database can be accessed using the link that is embedded here. Please use your UC Berkeley credentials to authenticate before accessing the database.

Below is a key Russian military newspaper landing page: Krasnaia Zvezda (the Red Star).