Trial of Slavi︠a︡ne Digital Archive through May 31, 2020!

The Library has set up a trial of an Anti-fascist Soviet propaganda journal from the WWII era Russian journal, Slavi︠a︡ne that will go through May 31, 2020. The text of the journal’s program that was sent to Stalin in 1942 can be found here.

Please access the journal archive here:

Please note that the library has a complete run of Slavi︠a︡ne from 1942-1958 and one can request an electronic copy of a specific article from the NRLF (

A brief description of the resource from Eastview is below: “Founded in 1942 at the height of the Great Patriotic War by the All-Slavic Committee, a Soviet anti-fascist organization, Slaviane (Slavs) was a monthly magazine that saw its mission as one of “rallying Slavic peoples together in alliance with all freedom-loving peoples to fight against Nazi Germany and its vassals.” The editors sought to achieve their main goal by exposing the “predatory and rapacious policies of Hitlerites, their hate-filled program aimed at the elimination of Slavic peoples and their centuries-old culture,” as the magazine’s mission statement put it.”