OpenEdition and Latin America and its history!

My colleague, our librarian for Romance Languages and Literatures, Mr. Claude Potts informed me this morning the following, that the OpenEdition after getting authorization from the publishers has opened up most of their catalog of nearly 10,000 ebooks to full-format access (pdfs and ePub) to everyone during the period of shelter in place. We already had full-format access to the 175 freemium journals, but the additional formats for the remaining ebooks is a great gift to Academia during the time of this covid-19 pandemic.

See announcement in French:

Today another French-language vendor Cairn which focuses on th social sciences has opened up its entire ebook catalog of 10,174 titles, the Que sais-je? reference series and also some popular magazines during the closure as well.

There are several important Latin America Related titles that one can access.

A search for Mexico is shown in the OpenEdition’s interface above!