“Négritude: Sharing spaces in the Caribbean and Latin America!”(March 2- August 21, 2020), Moffitt Library!

The library invites you to visit our Moffitt Library’s exhibition that is entitled: Négritude: Sharing spaces in the Caribbean and Latin America!

The focus of the exhibition is on blackness in Latin America. As the space in the exhibit cases was limited, we were able to focus on specific aspects of Afro-Latinx culture through the items from our print collections. While one could have used several displaced cultural artifacts, we decided to focus on highlighting our continuously growing interest in the issues of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Caribbean and Latin America.

I was also able to create an online counterpart of the exhibition here: https://exhibits.lib.berkeley.edu/spotlight/afrolatinx

I will upload all the photos of the exhibition to the online counterpart once the Library’s Communications team processes these.

I wanted to thank Beth Dupuis, Susan Edwards, Professor Oscar Dubon, Jr.’s office, Ula Taylor, Tiffany Grandstaff, Multicultural Community Center, Blackness in Latin America working group,  Rachael Samberg, Michael Lange of the Scholarly Communications team, and the Center for Latin American Studies for their generous support and advice.

A special thanks to Ms. Virgie Hoban and Ms. Aisha Hamilton for their patience and perseverance as we debated the matters relating to the curatorial content. Please feel free to visit the exhibition at your convenience. The Cal Id is required to access the exhibit space in the Moffitt Library!