November 12: ¡Las Sandinistas! Screening at Moffitt Library!

¡Las Sandinistas! reveals the untold stories of Nicaraguan women warriors and social revolutionaries who shattered barriers during Nicaragua’s 1979 Sandinista Revolution and the ensuing U.S.-backed Contra War. Today, as the current Sandinista government is erasing these women’s stories of heroism, social reform, and military accomplishments from history books, these same women are fighting to reclaim history – and are once again leading inspiring popular movements for equality and democracy. 96 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

“A documentary of ripe impact and value… with its rich archival footage, and its nuts-and-bolts view of a revolution that was every bit as seismic as the one in Cuba, it’s instructive to see how the rebellion against an autocracy gets built: gun by gun, body by body, skirmish by skirmish.” – Variety

All Cine Latino screenings are free to the public. No registration or tickets are required. Please check to confirm time and location

Tuesday, November 12, 7:00 pm
NEW LOCATION: 106 Moffitt Library

Sponsored by CLAS!