New books from Mexico

Our library’s collection of books published in Mexico has continued to go since I started to manage the Latin American Studies collections. One of the fundamental cornerstones of my collection development activities has been the aligning the Latin American Studies collections to reflect the reality that exists in our California. While a library cannot is usually not an archive of the totality of social and cultural memories of a particular country, I still believe that it is possible to collect Mexican books within the means that are at my disposable.

This batch of books includes several books on 1968 in the Mexican context. Besides these books that narrate the happenings in Mexico in 1968,  the other books explore the local histories as well as literature. Please click on the icon of the image below to get access to all of the pictures of Mexica

n books that I took. Also, I am embedding a link to a  documentary on Tlatelolco 1968.