Summer reading: So You Want to Talk About Race

Book cover of So You Want to Talk About Race So You Want to Talk About Race
Ijeoma Oluo

It’s a fantastic read because (1) she is skilled at breaking down both the overt and covert systems that have influenced difficult race conversations in this country, and because (2) it’s quite readable where other books sometimes can be too academic-feeling for some readers.

In terms of matching the theme of Between Worlds: it’s kind of on the nose. The world of white people in the USA, and the discussions of race that white people have been taught to have over the past centuries, are often extraordinarily separate from those of people of color in this country. This book is a wonderful tool for bridging those worlds.

College Adviser
College of Letters and Science

This book is part of the 2019 Berkeley Summer Reading List. Stay tuned for more weekly posts!