New Publication from Professor Lauren Kroiz

The recent publication Cultivating Citizens: the Regional Work of Art in the New Deal Era by Lauren Kroiz, Associate Professor of Art History,  is now available from U.C. Press.

Cultivating Citizens by Lauren Kroiz

From the U.C. Press website:

“A model of stylistic clarity and scholarly research, Lauren Kroiz’s book is an in-depth, riveting analysis of the intersection of art, pedagogy, and the careers of Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Grant Wood. The new information and fresh perspectives she provides make her book a required text for any serious student of Regionalism.”— Barbara Haskell, curator, Whitney Museum of American Art

Cultivating Citizens focuses on Regionalists and their critics as they worked with and against universities, museums, and the burgeoning field of sociology. Lauren Kroiz shifts the terms of an ongoing debate over subject matter and style, producing the first study of Regionalist art education programs and concepts of artistic labor.”