Library launches new Scholarly Communications website

Screenshot of the scholarly communications websiteThe Library’s scholarly communication program, the Office of Scholarly Communication Services, has launched an informative and practical new website to support UC Berkeley researchers with scholarly publishing needs.

The website is just one offering in our program’s suite of services to help scholars use, create, and publish scholarship in ways that promote its dissemination, accessibility, and impact.

“Our goal is to help scholars navigate the complex, changing scholarly publishing and intellectual property landscape,” explains Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, assistant university librarian for scholarly resources. “The scholarly communication program and this new web resource aid scholars of this campus and beyond, and will enable them to more effectively realize their academic pursuits.”

The UC System performs nearly one-tenth of all the academic research and development conducted in the United States, and produces approximately one-twelfth of all U.S. research publications. A scholarly communication program that works to bring added visibility and support for UC Berkeley research and publishing can have tremendous global impact, and help the Library achieve its strategic goal of transforming national and international policies and practices in scholarly publishing.

Rachael Samberg
The Library’s Office of Scholarly Communication Services, led by Rachael Samberg, offers workshops and support to assist the UC Berkeley community. (Photo by Yasmina Anwar for the University Library)

On the program’s new website, scholars will find guidance and resources that address the broad spectrum of researchers’ scholarly publishing needs. Rachael Samberg, the Library’s scholarly communication officer, designed action-oriented materials based on the needs of Berkeley scholars and campus partners.

“Our scholarly communication program adopts pragmatic, workflow-based approaches for assisting researchers,” says Samberg. “We’ve created robust guidance that scholars can implement directly, or use as a springboard for seeking personalized support.”

The site offers information and tools to assist with:

The site also explores the realities of the economic landscape for scholarly publishing, and will increasingly detail what the Library is doing to address them.

The campus community can reach out to the Library’s Office of Scholarly Communication Services for:

  •      Individual assistance and consultations
  •      Customized support by department and discipline
  •      In-class and online instruction
  •      Presentations and workshops for small or large groups & classes
  •      Online guidance and resources

If you would like more assistance regarding the topics and services described on the site, please contact the team at We are eager to help you with your scholarship!