New Exhibit: Literatura de Cordel

Literatura de Cordel exhibit case

This exhibition highlights a collection of Brazilian chapbooks or Literatura de Cordel in the Moffitt Library. These chapbooks are still produced for mass consumption in the Northeastern Brazil. These are called literature de cordel as they are hung from a cord in the book-stands so that the consumers can browse them and select them according to their desires. There are several themes that are portrayed in these chap-books. A story is narrated within the cordel in a poetic form and themes can vary from religious, political, social and romantic. The curatorial team that consists of Dr. Liladhar Pendse, Aisha Hamilton and Kevin Cloud invites to visit the physical exhibit in the Moffitt Library through June 30, 2017. However for those who cannot come to the campus, we have prepared an online counterpart of this physical exhibition.