Primary Sources: Media History Digital Library

The Media History Digital Library (MDHL) is a digitized collection of media publications in the public domain, consisting of important trade publications and fan magazines, mostly from the first half of the twentieth century. The publications can be browsed, or searched using Lantern, a tool developed by the MHDL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Communication Arts. Titles currently included are:

Business Screen (1938-1973)
Cine-Mundial (1916-1946)
Close Up (1927-1933)
The Film Daily (1918-1948)
International Photographer (1929-1941)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (1916-1949)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (1950-1954)
The Educational Screen (1922-1962)
Modern Screen (1930-1960)
Motion Picture [Magazine] (1914-1941)
Motion Picture Daily (1931-1960)
Motion Picture Herald (1931-1948)
Motion Picture News (1913-1930)
Motion Picture News Booking Guide (1922-25)
Moving Picture World (1907-1919)
Photoplay (1914-1940)
Radio Age: Research, Manufacturing, Communications, Broadcasting, Television (1942-1957)
Radio Broadcast (1922-1930)
Screenland (1920-1960)
Sponsor (1946-1964)
Talking Machine World (1906-1928)
Variety (1905-1941)

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