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The web is a marvellous thing, but it’s easy to be swamped by all the information that’s “out there.” How do you find serious scholarly materials?

For example:

What journals are available at Persée or Open Edition?
How do I find an up-to-date list of the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal’s digitized works?
Is there a database for exemplary literature? Medieval sermons? Early laws?
When is the next AARHMS conference?
Who is working on the Estoria de Espanna? The Crónica de 1344?
Can I search Briquet’s Les Filigranes online?
Does any group sponsor a bibliography of hagiography?
Where can I find medieval Iberian language corpora?

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TIP: Use your browser’s “search” function on the RESOURCES page both to locate a link you know is listed as well as to discover new sites that may enhance your research.  A search for “hagiog” retrieves a wide range of resources, from research groups and online databases to bibliographies and journals.  “Imag” and “icon” identify resources focused on images/icons. Search “trans” and “trad” to locate resources dealing with translation.  If you are interested in chivalric or Arthurian materials, search “cab”, “cav”, “chiv”, “art.”

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