Event: HackFSM hackathon April 1-12

The Bancroft Library, in partnership with the Digital Humanities @ Berkeley initiative, is sponsoring the HackFSM hackathon from April 1-12, 2014.
The hackathon will engage UC Berkeley students around historic materials in the Free Speech Movement (FSM) digital archive. The idea of HackFSM is for small teams of students to “hack” or program a new web interface to this digital collection of digital images, encoded texts, and associated metadata. The hackathon will kick off April 1 in the Library and conclude April 12 (Cal Day) with a judging and awards event at the iSchool.
This is Bancroft’s first hackathon and, as one of the library’s pioneering digital projects, it is fitting that the FSM digital archive is the subject of this next technological step in providing increased access to digital materials for research and learning, particularly as we move towards the fiftieth anniversary of this milestone moment in Berkeley’s history.
More information about the events and hacker registration is available on the HackFSM site: http://digitalhumanities.berkeley.edu/fsm-archive-hackathon
Please contact Mary Elings or the hackathon organizers (http://digitalhumanities.berkeley.edu/contact) with questions.

Mary W. Elings

Head of Digital Collections

The Bancroft Library

HackFSM is sponsored by the Library and Digital Humanities @ Berkeley initiative, with support from the Office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities, the Office of the CIO, and the I-School.